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9/11 Again? Saudi Arabian Students Are Here

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  1. my grandfather told me “you will never know why dogs are barking”, and in this article you are like a dog just barking without saying what you want or what is your point exactly! We received from you as Saudis this “America please kick Saudi’s out of America”, but you dont want to say that because you are afraid of losing your audiences. A thing that you dont know that America need oil so America have to obey Saudi Arabia because America without oil is going to be like “SOMALIA”, you said that Saudi Arabia gives Saudi student $6.5 billion “a year” so if we went back home because of you, you will be party in the terrorist attack of America’s Economy. LOL!
    so you should open you mind “don’t judge people without knowing them well,” and I think this is the first thing in elementary school you learned,if you had a good education. I would love to ask you a question, have you ever try to know a Saudi person or Muslim person in general? have you ever try to ask him/her what is the Islamic opinion about terrorism? Do you know that God told us in Quran “Do not kill the soul which Allah has forbidden except by right” and we all know what terrorist does is not a right. Not only America is suffering of terrorism, and we as Saudi citizens, we have suffered of many terrorist operations that have killed our children and our mothers and brothers, and many countries, too. America is not the only one who’s suffering from terrorism, and every country have this problem. I hope that before you have written this article you had the knowledge of Islam and Saudi Arabian society before you judge them as a terrorist or as cause of terrorism problem in America.

  2. I think that this article is prejudice and full of hate inside

  3. First of all I wasn’t surprised when I saw the name of this site “Conservative Daily News”, we all know the hate and the war on Islam from the conservative party in the U.S government. I am against 9/11 and 90% of the Saudi population are. And I feel bad for the thousands of people died in that tragic. But it was politics, a war between the U.S and Al-Qaeda since the 80’s and American civilians paid for something they weren’t involved in. We are (Muslims) don’t fear anything but God and terrorism is not our thing our message is the same as Jesus Christ’s(P.B.U.H) message peace and love. We did not send our armies to invade the U.S and kill women and children and unarmed men like what happened in Iraq. when the U.S Army used and tested new weapons and bombs in Iraq and Afghanistan that is Terrorism. We are just Students and Tourists sir.
    May God guide us to wisdom

  4. The Quran chapter 5.

    Whoever saves a life it is as if that person has saved all of humankind.

    Whoever kills a person it is as if that person killed all of humankind.

    See Quran 5:32.

    so tell in which scale u judge us?!!

    please, I am studying in America and I have many American friends we love each others, they are my best friend ever. you hurt us really

  5. you totally wrong. I have a lot of Americans friend they don’t have this shit of thinking against us. read about relgion. there is a verse in The Quran chapter 5 says

    Whoever saves a life it is as if that person has saved all of humankind.

    Whoever kills a person it is as if that person killed all of humankind.

    See Quran 5:32.

  6. You do not tell your opinion, you are totally infers false information

  7. Madrassas simply means school,they teach math, Studying there math and science, sports, geography, and Engineering. who gives that weird information? You are totally wrong.

  8. So its been 7 years since president Bush reopen the students visa for saudis. simple question, don’t you think that amount of years is enough to know saudi students well ?. finally, a piece of advise, “don’t judge a book by its cover” if you’re a well educated actor, you should’ve known what does that mean. I bet you have never met or knew a saudi person in your life. I don’t want you to get with them because they don’t really get with low class minded people like you. However, ask as many people you know that got with Saudi people especially colleges faculty and staff and they will tell you the different mind between Saudis and You mister low class.

  9. This is a racist article.

    • no its not racist, can you show me one word that is racist against us in this article?
      even though I don’t agree with this article and even though I am sure that the writer knows the amount of work and effort the American agencies are putting to make this country safer for everyone but he still writes about it as if they didn’t do anything.
      BTW Mr. Beatty a Madrassa in Arabic means a school it could be a catholic madrassa or a any kind of madrassa
      anyway guys you should really go watch 2016: Obama’s America to see the other point of view

  10. Guys relax this is just an opinion of some conservatives , not all American think that way. I met a lot of Americans who earn your respect with their education and behavior. Meanwhile there is Americans that hate Saudis just like there is Saudis that hate Americans. The problem is that the bad apples make the noise