2016: Obama’s America Delivers A Unique Perspective on Obama’s World View

By | August 27, 2012

Dinesh D’Souza’s look at Barack Obama’s life growing up in Hawaii and Indonesia offers unique insight into the perspective of the nation’s 44th president. In the recently released movie “2016: Obama’s America”, the President of King’s College in NY City chronicles the life of a young man who was raised in an anti-colonialist environment.

Influenced by tails of a father he met only once, and a step father who saw Indonesia finally free itself from Dutch colonial rule in 1949, D’Souza shows his audience the anti-colonial influence that so impressed Barack Obama in his early years. This influence continued when back in Hawaii, he was mentored by the notorious communist Frank Marshall Davis.

When juxtaposed with a traditional American upbringing, the film makes clear the differences in world view between Barack Obama and the historical American perspective. It explains his animosity toward long time American allies, Great Britain and Israel, and asserts a possible motive for downsizing not only the country’s strategic defenses, but the economy as well.

In the end, D’Souza asks each viewer to look within themselves and ask the question which world view would they choose for the future of America.

The film, released in only a few markets last month and expanded nationwide over the weekend, has grossed $9.2 million, and become the top earning documentary of the year (excluding nature films).

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