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3 thoughts on “Why Don’t Our Representatives Represent The Constitution?

  1. Gilbert D. Peters

    To begin with our country has not been lifted from its economic “Emergency Status” for over 80 years. This goes back to the Federal Reserve Act, Emergency Powers Act, War Powers Act, and The Trading With The Enemy Act to show in length how we lost any Constitutional Rights. The President under the Emergency Powers Act has declared that state to exist for over 140 years because nobody wants the government to go bankrupt. In 1973 congress attempted to lift it only to find they have no auhtority as the original wording said it coule not be repealed unless the debt was paid. The War Powers Act killed Americans from being considered non hostile. The reason was that “the people” could kill the nation by holding the government accountable and bankrupting it to the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve Act killed all pretense of stopping it. The national debt not being paid off or balanced is the trigger. Until that time we will continue to be under a state of “emergency” as every president before has signed an executive order decreeing it. Much or our rights that is limted by all these Acts pretty much kills what the Constitution provided for us. Therefore…yes, the Constitution is pretty much irrelevent.

    1. Chris Vaca

      Gilbert, What the hell are you talking about? Your comment has nothing to do with this article.

      1. Jerry Peters

        Chris, I read your article and the comment, I agree I think Gilbert is smoking some funny stuff.

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