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What It Means To Be A Top Conservative On Twitter

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About Liz Harrison (twitter: @GoldwaterGal)

Liz is a mostly-retired veteran political campaign worker, wife, mom, opinionated gal, fiscal conservative, anti-social-conservative, atheist, and foreign affairs/Mid-East politics junkie.


  1. Also, bear in mind, there are Liberal Sockpuppets on Twitter, posing as Conservatives, who’s goal is to stir up trouble in the Conservative ranks.
    There’s a history of Conservative Groups on Twitter that have been infiltrated and broken up by such tomfoolery.
    Things are not always as certain as they seem. Remember your Alinsky’s Rules…

    • Liz Harrison (twitter: @GoldwaterGal)

      So, ignoring the folks guilty of bad behavior wouldn’t defuse dem infiltrators? My point is, it doesn’t matter what the philosophies or goals of the shit-stirrers are if everyone just stops listening to them, and doing what they say. There’s talk of echo-chambers? Well, how big is the echo if the ones that choose to pick fights for whatever reason end up talking only to themselves?

  2. Just an excellent post, Liz.

    I, too, am a fiscal conservative and mostly social liberal (as in, get your nose out of my bedroom). I’m also an atheist. It makes for some uncomfortable moments on those rare occasions when I mention it but no one has ever called me a heathen.

    While I don’t “do” social media, I do understand it and your “#respect” hashtag is a great idea. I hope it gets lots of use. We can’t beat Barack Obama if we’re busy trashing each other.