What It Means To Be A Top Conservative On Twitter

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  • Also, bear in mind, there are Liberal Sockpuppets on Twitter, posing as Conservatives, who’s goal is to stir up trouble in the Conservative ranks.
    There’s a history of Conservative Groups on Twitter that have been infiltrated and broken up by such tomfoolery.
    Things are not always as certain as they seem. Remember your Alinsky’s Rules…

    • Liz Harrison (twitter: @GoldwaterGal)

      So, ignoring the folks guilty of bad behavior wouldn’t defuse dem infiltrators? My point is, it doesn’t matter what the philosophies or goals of the shit-stirrers are if everyone just stops listening to them, and doing what they say. There’s talk of echo-chambers? Well, how big is the echo if the ones that choose to pick fights for whatever reason end up talking only to themselves?

  • Just an excellent post, Liz.

    I, too, am a fiscal conservative and mostly social liberal (as in, get your nose out of my bedroom). I’m also an atheist. It makes for some uncomfortable moments on those rare occasions when I mention it but no one has ever called me a heathen.

    While I don’t “do” social media, I do understand it and your “#respect” hashtag is a great idea. I hope it gets lots of use. We can’t beat Barack Obama if we’re busy trashing each other.