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2 thoughts on “The Ultimate Gun Rights Article

  1. Jeremy Griffith

    Great points all, but facts don’t matter to the Left, visuals do. This tragedy will provide yet another visual they will jump all over in their effort to enact gun control (ban) laws. And it won’t work, because Americans are seeing the light. If there had been an armed security guard at this place, he’d be the first to die, because he’s visible at the door. Cops are everywhere, but it takes them 8 minutes to respond in a time when seconds count. Only the armed citizen is adequate as a defense in cases like this, and that’s the reason that the right to bear arms is constitutionally protected. (Not at home, not in your car, not in a safe, ON YOUR PERSON!)

    But as we know, the constitution means nothing. Thanks John Roberts.

    Also, how do we know this jack wagon didn’t get his guns from Attorney General Eric Holder? Just kidding. I’m sure there’s no relationship with Fast and Furious. Did you notice how fast the lefty loons in media tried to smear the Tea Party in this tragedy?

    Good article Kyle. (Thanks for beating me to it, Loserhead! J/k. You rock.)

  2. bronx

    Why blame the 2nd Amendment. I blame Hollywood with all it’s violent movies and those violent video game. Yes sir Hollywood is at fault on this on.


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