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4 thoughts on “The Dark Knight Rises: The Occupy Left Get the World & the Justice They Deserve

  1. Jason Lane

    This is just silly.

    OWS participants want a lawless world? Why would you think that? I never participated myself but I did keep up with it in the news and I hardly got that message from their protests.

    Also, your very first sentence strikes me as odd. I’m a registered Democrat and I was not in anyway “afraid of the Dark Knight.” Why would you think that left-leaning Americans were afraid of the movie?

    This seems like really polemic nonsense.

    1. Kyle Becker Post author

      The only thing nonsensical here is the Occupy Movement’s aims. The inability to put two and two together in the movement and to understand the implications of its ideas is now famous. Also, the first line is explained by the second paragraph.

  2. anonymous

    Agreed with all of that. Pedantic correction: Harvey Dent was Gotham’s District Attorney, not the Mayor.

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