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Should ABC Fire Brian Ross For Linking Colorado Mass Murderer To Tea Party

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  1. Celeste Christi

    Yes. Enough is enough. Ross should be fired and ABC should be sued.

    • Damn straight, his hate for the TP and Conservatives elicited an immediate threat to another James Holmes, he had no regard for the truth or safety for anyone who he disagress with ideologically therefore making him a danger to society and just plain evil as far as I’m concerned.

  2. I disagree with non factual reporting, but this is what FOX does every minute of every day. Repeated lies, or distortions of fact, or lying by omission.

    If you are serious about your concern you will point out the same for FOX – there are examples daily

    • It’s obvious you don’t tune in to FOX….you are an idiot full of “sound and fury, signifying nothing”…..everyone knows it impossible to argue with an idiot, so BYE….

    • Arabella Jenkins

      How about som examples or are you just repeating the mmfa mantra. You madam are an idiot.