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Sarah Palin Deserves To Deliver Game Changer Speech At GOP Convention

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  1. I must admit, though, that a problem with Palin speaking at the convention is that her speech might well dominate the event and overshadow Romney (as she did at the last Repub convention with the weak RINO TRAITOR AMNESTY-JOHN.) That wouldn’t be good – Romney is what Americans have as the alternative to the worst president in American history. Distracting from his chance to win by showing him up has to be avoided.

  2. UpChuck.Liberals

    John, you know, deep down that that ‘Half-Governor’ is 1000% more American than that 6% Black guy in the Oval Office. It’s truely a shame that the so enlightened media didn’t bother to dig 1% of what they did to Palin into Barry Soetoro. I will freely admit that McCain was just about the worst possible choice the Republicans could have come up with but perhaps they wanted it this way.

  3. The fact that you repeat the reference to Katie Couric’s question of what newspapers she reads as a gotcha moment really says a lot about you. You are a member of the media, maybe not the “lamestream,” or–to be more accurate–credible, media, but a member of the media nonetheless. Couric did not ask her to compare the wing velocity of an African Sparrow to a European Sparrow. She asked her where she gets the news that helps her form her views. To respond to a question like that in the manner she did, Half-Governor Palin acted more like a young child who needed a nap than someone who would be next in line for the presidency.
    Anyhow, if the GOP wants to put her on the stage, go to. After hearing her insights on “death panels,” Bill Ayers and Obama being blood brothers they are so close, Paul Revere warning the British, and “blood libels,” I’m sure she will be a hit.