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11 thoughts on “Psychos Beware

  1. Joseph Harris

    You Go, Branco! Another great one Tony.

  2. Robert Leonardo

    How to protect yourself from a Mad shooter…?
    1.)Cell Phones…WRONG
    Support The NRA…Boot Holder and Obama out!

    1. John

      You do know that since Obama took office the rights of gun owners has expanded. But that’s alright, hysteria is not only allowed but encouraged to trump facts among right wingers when it comes to belly aching about Obama.

      1. ranger

        And which of Obama’s policies, speeches, initiatives, or administration moves would have had anything to do with restoring second amendment rights to Americans?

        What your seeing is that America’s majority, the center-Right, is becoming more vocal in response to the President’s views.

        So while he didn’t directly put more guns into the hands of more Americans, he certainly made more Americans remember that they have rights that someone like him could trample on if given the space.

        Obama may have been the best thing for the Conservative movement since FDR.


    What’s there to mis-understand about Shall Not Be Infringed?
    Everyone GOOGLE Randi Shannon it will make your day.
    Amigo Antonio maybe you can cartoon her – if you would like to contact her let me know.

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