North Carolina’s Governor Vetoes Gas Exploration Bill

By | July 2, 2012

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3 thoughts on “North Carolina’s Governor Vetoes Gas Exploration Bill

  1. Z

    Relocated northeast liberals have really messed up NC. NC used to be a nice conservative state, now it’s a stinking liberal hell hole. No surprise.

  2. Twitter's @LoudAmerican

    For once I have to really agree with her.

    Have you seen the video clip’s of water coming out of a well water fed faucet turning into a fire ball?

    SERIOUSLY – that doesn’t bother ANYONE?

    Money and profit is THAT IMPORTANT where drinking water is of no concern? REALLY??

    Try to mess with my drinking water bubba … locked and loaded!

    What do we have to turn to?

    Chemically loaded city water that LITERALLY KILLS fish in aquariums?

    Time to look out for the people corporate thieves!

    Republican’s are as bad as those Dem’s when it comes down to an entitlement JUST US mentality – figure it out – it needs to be JUSTICE for all!!

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