No Smoking. . .In Your Home

By | July 12, 2012

Are you a smoker and a renter? If so, you might want to skip moving to Santa Monica. The town wants to make renters healthier and has enacted a No Smoking ordinance for all new apartment renters.

You don’t need to be a smoker to be concerned about an individual’s rights inside his home.

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2 thoughts on “No Smoking. . .In Your Home

  1. Jan Brown

    It’s ‘smoking in your home’ THIS week…it started in government buildings, moved on to resturants, then public buildings, in cars w/ children…now homes…The cracked door is open. If smokers ‘rights’ are chipped away one by one, do you really think YOUR other rights can’t follow.

    There used to be ‘adult only’ apartments, then adults & over 12, now it’s no no…

    Next, ????? hot dogs at the bal game???/

    Dismantling inch by inch

  2. Ana

    I have a friend, the journalist Philip Dawdy, that lives in Seattle that was asked to leave because people couldn’t bare the smell of cigarettes AT THE CORRIDOR!

    They are very good in indoctrinating people and the tobacco-hate campaign was perfect.

    I live in Rio de Janeiro and we can smoke at home or at the streets.

    As the government is aiming to cause a great impression on people who will come to the games now it is forbidden to smoke in open areas of a building.

    What next?

    Stop selling the cigarettes! Do they make money with the drugs to stop smoking? NO! I’m paranoid.

    Now doctors blame cigarettes for everything. I have back problems… “due to cigarettes.” a physician told me.

    ‘Oh Really? Can you put it on paper so that I can suit the tobacco industry?”
    I forgot to ask.

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