Mayor of Boston fights for civil rights by attacking Chick-fil-A?

By | July 23, 2012

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3 thoughts on “Mayor of Boston fights for civil rights by attacking Chick-fil-A?

  1. anonymous

    Tanner, you argue that Chick Fil A does not force it views upon others and is therefore on solid ethical ground.

    couple of points:

    A) Chick Fil A donates millions of dollars to organizations who’s sole purpose for existence is to actively(!) seek to impose their values on all member of society.(

    B) Planned Parenthood does not grab women off the streets and terminate their pregnancies against the mothers willl. It does not force it’s values upon anyone who chooses not to enter its doors.

  2. John

    I was going to stop going to Chick-Fil-A before I found out that the amount of money they gave to these groups was something like $3000. I will simply offset any Chick-Fil-A purchase with a donation to a group that fights to give equal rights to the gay community.

  3. Kyle Becker

    Give you credit, Tanner. You handled a really volatile and controversial topic in an even-handed and sensible way. I’m not for the government having any say in what constitutes marriage, but since that’s the world we live in, we have to look at what government has to say about it. In this case, you were right, and it is out of line to make someone’s speech into a “civil rights” issue. No one has the civil right not to be verbally offended.

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