Losing the Black Vote?

By | July 13, 2012

In 2008 Barack Obama received 95% of the African American vote. The news media reports rumblings of unhappiness (no surprise with unemployment over 14% for African Americans and young adult Blacks at 24%). But the news reported generally is more of whispers than actual signs of unrest.

This  video clip was shared on NewsNinja2012.com. Filmed in Obama’s back yard it seems there may be many who choose not to vote this election due to disappointment and lack of promises fulfilled.


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One thought on “Losing the Black Vote?

  1. bronx


    How many of the people that voted for McCain will now vote for Obama in this years election…?

    Will Obama get 95% of the black vote…?

    Will he get the latin vote like in 2008..?

    Will he get the young votes like in 2008..?

    And so on.

    I’m thinking Obama is a one term post turtle president.

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