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The Real Source of American Tyranny, Part 2 – False Advertising


“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein

In Part I of this series, I highlighted how the United States Congress is the single greatest threat to our Constitution and our individual liberties.  Even those members of Congress who are supposed to be “defenders of the Constitution” have failed us.

I want you to reminisce with me for just a moment.  Let your mind flutter all the way back to November of 2010.  Visualize the jubilant celebration of the Social Media Masses as the Republican party won 12 seats in the Senate and 84 seats in the House of Representatives.

Revive the memories of enthusiasm that erupted when the names Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, and Allen West were uttered.  Bask, once again, in the overzealous and steadfast leadership by names like Michele Bachmann and Mike Pence.

Now … Wake Up.

That fantasy is over.  And, yes, it was a fantasy.

The individuals who were heralded as saviors of the Republic and the Minutemen for the Constitution have been transformed into rats and thieves  - just like the other members of Congress.  What was once an unimaginable horror has become a horrific reality: these ‘heroes’ have, in fact, become villains.

Why would I say such things?  I must be a “Lefty” or a “Liberal”, right?  Maybe I am one of the terms that the ever-mature Republican base likes to call others – you know, one of those ‘grown up’ portmanteaus they love to create using the word “retard” with other words: ”Libtard”, “Paultard”, etc.  I have drank the Kool-Aid faster than a Jim Jones follower, right?

Wrong.  I am a realist.  Realists swim in the seas of reality – something that many Real Conservatives and Pseudoconservatives (defined here) need a heavy dose of.  The reason I am saying these things is because someone has to.

Real Conservatives need a rude awakening, and I’m here to wake you up.

Let’s take a look at a few examples of how these “saviors” quickly turned all of you into suckers.  Let’s start with the NDAA.

How did the Freshmen Republicans fare at defending our liberty and Constitution when Roll Call came up?

Of the 12 new Republican Senators, ten voted YES on the bill that allows for indefinite military detention of American citizens.

Meanwhile, over in The House of Representatives, Rep. Justin Amash (MI-3) is the ONLY Freshman Republican who voted “No” on the NDAA, while Rep. Billy Long (MO-7) did not vote.

This means that a total of NINETY-TWO of the Ninety-Six ‘saviors’ that Republicans and Conservatives heralded nearly two years ago have betrayed you.  Overall, 74% of the House members voted “YES” on this legislation.

The NDAA is just one example of the many pieces of legislation that placed our liberty under attack during the 112th Congress.

Can anyone still look back at the 2010 election and call it a success?  Can we call it a victory for the American People?  Can we call it a victory for the United States Constitution?  The answer to all three questions is clearly ‘No’.


What happens moving forward?  This seems to be the million dollar question.


Here we sit, less than 4 months from Election Day 2012, and we are repeating the exact same mistakes we committed in 2010.  Republicans and Conservatives are taking the “Anti” candidate. They are supporting nearly every GOP candidate for U.S. Senate – obviously, the “Anti-Democrat” candidates.  Furthermore, they are supporting the “Anti-Obama” candidate for President, ignoring the similarities and dangers that come with that candidate.

The fallacy with this mentality is that nobody is questioning the character, record, or integrity of the “anti” candidates.  Republicans and Conservatives are simply looking at the tiny, irrelevant letter after the candidate’s name and making a decision based off of that.

We fall for the False Advertising that the candidate, The GOP, and the DNC feed us.

This attitude gave us Representative Allen West in 2010.  How did Rep. West repay voters for the vote of confidence?  By voting “YES” on the NDAA and CISPA – two bills that attacked the liberty of Americans.

When I was still hosting my online radio program, I investigated Allen West’s past and found some pretty disturbing information that should have called into question his integrity and character.  Instead of my listeners taking this information and asking questions of their own, I was shunned.  I was called “anti-American”, racist, and many other profane names that are not suitable for print.

“Artists use lies to tell the truth, while politicians use them to cover the truth up.”
- Evey Hammond, “V For Vendetta”-

Why?  Why was I attacked in such a manner?

While I do not know the precise answer to that, I do have a theory of my own:

I believe that the American people do not want to know the truth.  Americans wasnt to indulge themselves in the technological opiates that have been spoon-fed to us: iPhones, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pintrest, E-Books, Netflix, etc, etc.  They want to sit comfortably on their sofas watching American Idol, NBA Basketball, NFL Football, Reality Television, celebrity gossip shows, or the newest sitcom on network TV.

The Roman Emperors had the sands of the Colosseum to deter the attention of the Roman People.  Americans have a ‘mini-Colosseum’ in their living room, bedroom, kitchen, and even their vehicles and pockets.  We live under the false illusion that we are living a comfortable, care-free life, and if anyone interrupts that lifestyle with things such has ‘Harsh Reality’ or ‘Factual Information’ that runs counter to that lifestyle, we react with anger and hate.

Simply put: We don’t want our illusion of reality to be broken.

Too Bad.

I’m here to break out windows and let in the sour, fetid aroma of the real world.

I am here to wage war on the false pretenses that have shuttered our eyes to the political world.

It won’t be pleasant.  It won’t be comfortable.  It won’t be desirable.  But it will be real, and it will be verifiable.


War Has Been Declared.



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