Justice Roberts: A Hack, Or The Wisest Man In America?

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  • Governor Paul LePage of Maine said:

    This tax will add to the $500 billion in tax increases that are already in Obamacare. Now that Congress can use the taxation power of the federal government to compel behavior or lack thereof, what’s next? More taxes if we don’t drive Toyota Priuses or if we eat too much junk food or maybe even pea soup?
    This decision has made America less free. ‘We The People’ have been told there is no choice. You must buy health insurance or pay the new Gestapo – the I.R.S.
    Even more disheartening is that reviving the American dream just became nearly impossible to do. We are now a nation in which supports dependency rather than independence. Instead of encouraging self-reliance we are encouraging people to rely on the government.

  • Hack. Ruling a law constitutional by a provision that was not in the law is delusional. The job is defending and protecting the Constitution, not some defense of a “legacy” or popularity of the Court. The Chief Justice should re-read the job description or visit a shrink.

  • Celeste Christi

    Roberts Rules

    The one thing standing between America and Dictatorship is The Supreme Court. We have only 3 branches of government. President Obama has neutered Congress, and repeatedly lobs attacks against The Supreme Court – even during the State of The Union Address. The intent is clear. Destroying 2 of the 3 branches leaves only the Executive Branch standing.

    The Supreme Court maintains authority only so long as the country recognizes its legitimacy. Roberts ruling grants the American People the power to keep or strike Obamacare themselves. In addition it maintains the integrity of The Court, strengthens the 10th Amendment, limits Federal Power, removes the teeth of the law, and, by accurately identifying Obamacare as a tax, provides clear procedures for repeal. Brilliant.

    As Justice Roberts correctly stated in his ruling, elections have consequences. If America doesn’t want Obamacare she’ll have to elect a new President. What the Chief Justice gave us is the freedom to exercise free will. There’s nothing more Constitutional than that.

  • I don’t know, I think he sold out. He felt the pressure and folded. I am with you on voting it out, that is a must.