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July 4, 2012 The Tea Party Declaration of Independence

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  1. Whereas I can somewhat agree with some of the complaints, I cannot overlook that the only person being attacked by this is the President. Our Congress passed many of these laws/regulations as well, and I’m pretty sure the GOP voting block right now is primarily Tea Party represented… oddly enough the congress passes laws using these voter blocks that the party itself doesn’t agree with? How is this possible? How are you able to shake a finger at one thing, while doing the same thing right next to it? That’s inane. Good luck, but I cannot support you.

  2. what about the numerous other offenses that the federal government has and continues to commit against the states and citizenry?

    this is a good start but no where near complete.

    if you go back to our original document, you can reaffirm almost all of them, especially as the feds routinely discriminate against many of the states and our inhabitants of our lands.