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3 thoughts on “Hell With This, I’m Going On Welfare

  1. Brob

    Not to mention anyone on wellfare does not need to pay any school fee nor do they need buy any school supplies oh yeah and free lunches… I registerd my 3 children today I stood there in line and I watched as people walked up To pay school fees some where not Paying as the line got shorter I could hear the lady in line she stated she had free fees the woman asked for her welfare proof she handed it to her and off she went to another line it was a line I didn’t get to go to I watched to see what it was it for the free lunch… Then it’s my turn I hand the woman close to $290 in school fees for my children she hande me a packet and said next…. The woman with no fees did not get a packet… I looked down and it was there schools supplies list I said to my self wow all this stuff I mean did my first grader really need 20 glue sticks??? I stopped a teacher near by and said this school supply list is a lot larger then last year!! Her response was oh yes well you see when you buy all of that supplies you don’t write your child’s name on it you send it all in and they got into “community baskets” because a lot of other children can not afford supplies she walked away… As I’m walking to my SUV i see the woman who didnt have to pay for anything getting in her range roover and talking on her iphone at this point I’m extremely pissed I work hard for my money and the things for my kids I spend hard earned flat cash at the grocery store DAILY!! while others get a free ride… Not to mention they raised the price of school lunches for anyone who buys lunches really!!?!? WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON!!!

  2. Ken Wallin

    This is an interesting read. I teach online (college level) and it is permeating right into the collegiate level. Students starting to expect A’s even when most of what they write is riddled with misspellings, grammatical errors, and syntax issues. I am also asking your help with this little project. I received this short music video. It is a group called Madison Rising, they are singing the National Anthem (The Star Spangled Banner)in an original way. The lead singer is former Navy. They are trying to get it listened to 1,000,000 times before the end of the year. Hooah!

  3. Jerry Peters

    All that and health care too. What a country

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