Has America Turned Left?

By | July 17, 2012

In an interview on the Fox Business Channel with Stuart Varney, Karl Rove responds to the president’s recent statements that our country has changed and made a shift to the left.

Rove mentions Arthur Brooks of the American Enterprise Institute and his reassuring assessment that shows 70% of Americans still agree with traditional values.

If you, like so many, are worried about the direction of the country watch this four minute interview.  While it might make you feel a little better an important take away is that we cannot afford to remain the silent majority.


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One thought on “Has America Turned Left?

  1. Dave

    I don’t trust Rove or his thoughts
    He and Bush were partially responsible for Obama
    He & Bush, and many others in DC on both sides are Rino’s interested in power which leads to personal enrichment.
    If we cannot stand on consevative principles then we don’t deserve power
    The other side is all to keen to espouse their POV at every opportunity
    Our talking heads are mostly weasals

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