Format and Schedule of 2012 Presidential Debates

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  • Same-o, same-o. When I see the word “Moderator,” I know what to expect. These “Debates” are only opportunities for the leftist “Moderators” to build up the democrat and subtly denigrate the republican. The “Analysis” after the debate is a foregone conclusion – the democrat “Won,” etc.

    I can assure you, knowing that the present occupant of the White House cannot order coffee and a doughnut without a teleprompter, he will quietly, prior to the debate, be given access to the questions so he can be prepared.

    As for the “Town hall” format……who decides which questions will be used. We know the answer.

    How about a REAL debate? NO “Moderator.” Just the two candidates discussing the issues for two hours?

    Also, SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL Chick-fil-A.