Elections Have Consequences [Video]

By | July 19, 2012

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3 thoughts on “Elections Have Consequences [Video]

  1. A. Gonzalez

    I had forgotten half the stuff this man has said. How can our own President hate free enterprise and the American way?

    This video is an incredible one and I think more people need to see it. Great work guys! Keep it up.

    1. R. Mitchell Post author

      Most accept what he says as the norm. Others are too busy to think about it. The responsibility is left to the rest of us that hear, analyze and critique our nations leaders.

      My only hope is that more will take on this important work.

      1. N. Doyle

        People need to watch Obama’s body language and you can tell when he is lying…Which is most of the time…

        [Obama} writes a book, Dreams of my Father, and lies about the content….he thinks the voters are stupid.

        The day he promised to never raise taxes by one thin dime, I knew he was lying… I believe when he yelled “Hope and Change” we all had our own idea of what that meant and it was not what Obama meant…his idea was to fundamentally change American values and make us all dependent on the Govt….Everything in his life was given to him and he thinks we should allow the same to happen to us…only he is taking away our freedoms….
        What man puts down a good man like Romney as being too rich and out of touch when he himself is hobnobbing with the richest in the world…He is a joke and a bad one at that.
        He had a felon, Van Jones in his cabinet and when the truth came out, Jones slipped out of the White House after midnight and is working in other areas…
        Do your homework before you vote, and do not be afraid of the truth…We made a huge mistake electing Obama and there is no shame in admitting it. He is a true con artist like Bernie Madoff,only worse…..He got us to trust him and he made fools out of everyone who voted for him…NO MORE!

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