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Dark Side Show Sparks Angry, Unhinged Letter about Roby

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  1. What the hell is a Hoya and why are they proud? You would think, Kira, that a scholar would have better grammar? And make better arguments. Isn’t it also interesting that the left is so quick to take hold of “tolerance” when you criticize them but attach you when you express you’re views. Amazing.

  2. YES! I’m so proud of our Hoyas. People, especially conservatives love to speculate and misconstrue (create) shadows where there are none. Good riddance and this journalist writing here is a true joke.

    Best luck to you, my friend. And we’ll talk again once Obama is re-elected and marriage equality is propelled forward BEYOND these (un)inquisitive, antiquated, and out of date ideals that are often (mis)rooted in Christian ideals that have little to do with Christ.