Compliance Officer Enters Home; Wakes Owner For Lawn Violation

By | July 10, 2012

In Georgia a code compliance agent entered a woman’s home to serve a violation notice. Only thing, she was in bed sleeping. He yelled at her from her bedroom door to get up and come outside so he could serve the violation. A real invasion of privacy caught on tape.


July 8, 2012 “A Columbia County Code Compliance Officer won’t face charges after he allegedly entered a woman’s home without her permission.

That’s according to Captain Steve Morris. Jimmy Vowell was placed on administrative leave after Erica Masters accused Vowell of walking into her home unannounced last week to serve a violation for her grass being too long.

No word on when or if he’ll return to work.

Columbia County Administrator Scott Johnson says he has a meeting with his Division Director and the Human Resources manager Monday at 9a.m. to decide how to proceed.”

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6 thoughts on “Compliance Officer Enters Home; Wakes Owner For Lawn Violation

  1. Bob

    I would have shot whatever my dogs had not chewed up!

  2. steve in Denver

    I’ve seen a lot of snow in my days, and that looks like snow on her yard??

  3. rich nadeau

    Good thing that wasn’t my home……he would have met Mr Glock and received a double tap “Center Mass” for his intrusion.

    1. Teresa Wendt Post author

      That is my thought. Not only was it an invasion of privacy and against the law, but he put himself in extreme danger.

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