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Coming to America

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  1. A close friend came to the United States, applied for and received a green card, then applied for citizenship – but that has languished.
    Finally, he was told recently that the INS had objections, and he was to appear in court. When he did, the INS lawyer said they were withdrawing the case – no explanations, not even a reason why the case was filed in the first place, they just dropped it.
    He has tried to get a response on his status, and his lawyer has finally advised him to RE-FILE his citizenship application, and go through the process again from the beginning.

    He originally came here in 1996, and he’s been working toward and waiting for citizenship for 16 years.

    • Thanks for stopping by John. I had a friend who came from South America and ran into similar hold ups. After more than ten years the family finally gave up and moved back. It was very sad. They were told if they followed all the rules they would be eligible to stay but with administration changes there were also changes in policies and their home country no longer was on the high priority list.
      It must be very frustrating to those who follow all the rules and get caught up in red tape to see those who bypass the lines and come in now getting priority.
      I wish your friend luck.