Catholics: Some Things are Non-Negotiable

By | July 18, 2012

Faith in America has been under attack in the United States for years.  The ACLU and similar groups promote ‘freedom from religion’ rather than ‘freedom of religion.’ But this current administration has taken the push against people of faith to a breaking point.  After feeling backed into a corner through policies set by the current administration the Catholics are responding. When birth control trumped religious freedom and the Catholic Church was told it must violate its conscience people of faith stood together and said, “Enough.”

To many outside the church, it appears the Catholics have had a line drawn in the sand; that some things are non-negotiable. Today many other religions, fearing similar loss of religious rights, are joining their Catholic brethren and speaking out.

Catholics Called to Witness  is a faith-based organization dedicated to upholding and promoting religious liberty. People of faith aren’t being told for whom to vote instead they are being reminded of their values.  Their powerful new ad reminds people of faith the importance of standing strong for beliefs.


This may be the most important election of our country. We cannot allow the doctrines of our religions to be canceled through government order. Our country was founded on religious freedom. When we vote in November we need to support our religious freedom.

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