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Taking the Black Vote for Granted?

reverend owens

Today, the Black Pastors Coalition met. Christians, in general, are not too happy about the idea of same sex marriage. It goes against their beliefs. It wasn’t that long ago that President Obama professed these same beliefs. The Black Pastors Coalition was excited to endorse this president. But, times have changed. An election is upcoming. Votes are needed. And suddenly ...

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Obamacare: States Cut Medicaid Dollars


According to the Kaiser Family Foundation (via Kaiser Health News) sixteen states are now limiting the number of prescription drugs each month. Seven of the states have made these adjustments in the past two years. The limits vary across the country. For example, Mississippi has a limit of two brand-name drugs. In Arkansas adults are limited to up six drugs ...

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No More Mr. Nice Mitt

Mitt Romney has been around politics all of his life. His father, George Romney, was governor of Michigan and ran for president in 1968. His mother, Lenore, also ran for office, losing a tough Senate race against incumbent Senator Phil Hart (D-Michigan) in 1970. According to the Times, which headlined its June issue with a story about Romney’s relationship with ...

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Antonio Villaraigosa: America’s First Latino President?


Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is a long-time supporter of the current occupier in chief.  Over the course of the past year Villaraigosa has done no less than 20 official or campaign events on the White House’s behalf.  He will be in the national spotlight when he gavels the opening of the 2012 Democratic National Convention in September. Questions are ...

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Tonight on the Dark Side with Kira Davis


7/31/12  We’ll talk about Romney’s trip, Tuesday’s voting results and stories that are probably a little more important than Chick-Fil-A but aren’t getting coverage. Tune in tonight at 7pm Pacific/10pmEST on the CDNews Network on BlogTalk Radio. UPDATE: Journalist and Breitbart contributor Brandon Darby will join me to discuss his investigation and recent report on human trafficking (one of the stories that does not ...

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Obamacare Costs $1.9 Trillion AND Still Leaves 30 Million Uninsured

I need to know how many quality years this patient has left STAT

Since the 5-4 decision to uphold Obamacare as constitutional through the taxing authority of Congress, the CBO gave their final grade. .  But it’s not biggie.  This entire overhaul is “deficit neutral” and will save money in the long run.  That’s what the Left try to sell us.  Even Joe Six Pack knows that something can’t be deficit neutral when ...

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Epic Beckfest, Restoring Love, Wraps Up in Dallas with Music Concert, History Lesson and Serve-Your-Neighbor Call to Action; but no Chalkboards.

Conservative Radio Host Glenn Beck

Did anybody see the epic Beckfest known as Restoring Love this weekend in Dallas? Business Insider has pictures. National Conservative Radio Host Glenn Beck wrapped up his three-part series with a history lesson, music concert, performance and monumental serve-your-neighbor call to action, with just a hint of what is to come in the future. Absent from the event was Beck’s ...

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Chinese ‘Angel’ Rescues 30 Abandoned Babies

Translationg: 'It is forbidden to discriminate against, mistreat or abandon baby girls'

The story of a Chinese ‘angel’ has come to the international stage after details of her rescue of 30 abandoned Chinese babies came to light. Hailed as a hero, Lou Xiaoying, now 88 and suffering from kidney failure, found and helped raise 30 abandoned Chinese babies in the Eastern China as she struggled to make a living recycling rubbish. The ...

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Brandon Darby Exposes Negligence At DOJ In Handling Child Sex Slaves

Brandon Darby

Former left wing activist and Breitbart contributor Brandon Darby opined a disturbing column on July 30th detailing his efforts to get the FBI and the Department of Justice to act more diligently on child sex trafficking in the United States.  The findings point to outright negligence. The column, which is featured in Townhall Magazine, is prefaced by the notion that this ...

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Obama Administration considering oppressive regulations on ammunition

Oppressive ammo regulation to kill ammunition industry

On Monday, a White House spokesman avoided a question on the Democrat proposal to  restrict ammunition purchases. The proposal has been reported to be called the “Stop Online Ammunition Sales Act” from Democrats Frank Lautenberg and Carolyn McCarthy. They say that the move is in response to the purchase of ammunition by James Holmes for use in the Aurora tragedy, but as ...

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Time to deal with the elephants in the room


The two Presidential candidates refuse to acknowledge the “elephant in the room” and prefer to deal with issues only after it deteriorates into a national crisis. Unfortunately there is not one, but a half dozen elephants in the room and American voters will no longer allow our politicians to ignore them as they pander for their votes. This Presidential election ...

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Latest Obama 2012 email – reading between the lines


Of course I get all the frantic emails from Obama’s re-election campaign pleading with their followers to send in more money even though, thanks to Obamanomics, many of them don’t have jobs, few have extra cash and some of them don’t even want one. The tone and content is pretty similar in every one I’ve received. They don’t sound hopeful ...

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Why Progressives Are Always Wrong


The Objectivist Ayn Rand wrote a lot about the Aristotelian Law of Identity – where A is A – and the associated (Platonic) “Law of Non-Contradiction,” where a thing must be what it is and it cannot be something else. Liberals believe in subjectivism, or solipsism, that way they don’t have to be held accountable by reality. In the progressives’ ...

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Small Victory for Catholic Business Owners


The U.S. District Court in Colorado has granted an injunction to a Colorado business that filed suit against the Obama administration’s mandate that their health insurance cover contraceptive services. Hercules Industries is owned by the Newland family. These devout Catholics sued Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius after being told the mandate applied to small businesses run by Catholics ...

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