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Walker Wins!.. Again

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Comments (21)

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  1. voice says:

    walker may think he has the last laugh with the nail in the coffin for the unions and public employees however: he will have to pay for his lies put forth to the committe when they asked him his motives for wanting to end collective bargaining and inhilating of pensions. That billionaire he spoke with while being recorded clearing shows he said ” divide and conquer. I hope he has a good lawyer for that one. Clinton paid for hisl ies before congress. Blago paid for his misdeed: lying trying to sell the chicago seat which obama possessed before becoming potus. Weiner was humiliated for his indiscretion and walker will make that perp walk eventually, since he lied under oath. if he does not go to jail for this it will because of the adelsons’,kochs’, trumps’ and the like.
    soon that video recording of his conversation with the billionaire will be the nail in walkers coffin.

    walker will be well deserving of that fate due to his dishonesty, and misleading of the public and especially those who voted to keep him in office. sleep tight walker your coffifn awaits.

  2. Alan (65 Jayhawk) says:

    A great cartoon as always and great comments from others. I couldn’t agree more.

  3. Bonnie Hall says:

    OMGosh Tony~ this has got to be the BEST ONE YET~~ how apropos that the unions are the vamps sucking the blood/life outa the USA and Walker saving his state~Hopefully this will give other states the gumption to do the same by voting in a VAMPIRE SLAYER~~
    You are my HERO~~

  4. We the people are tired of Obama’s socialism and unions. We WILL take America back! Just you watch! Well done Tony! Excellent toon!

  5. dave M says:

    Final nail in the coffin for those thugs

  6. rescue873 says:

    LOVE IT!! Your mind works in wonderous ways!

    Our Founding Fathers are smiling today. Let’s hope they are still smiling come November.

  7. Patrick Steiert says:

    IMO: One small blow for Gov. Walker, one GIANT blow for the Nation. :-D

  8. Lech Dharma says:

    Public employee unions that can collectively bargain against the taxpayer should never have been allowed to form.

  9. TinaTB says:

    Love, love, LOVE IT, Tony! The people of WI just reaffirmed that they elected Walker to a job that he’s doing exceedingly well and that they are happy with what he’s doing. I love it that this win, AGAIN, sends a message loud and clear that the people are sick and tired of big labor and progressive policies running their state off the cliff!

  10. A.F.Branco says:

    Today’s A.F.Branco Cartoon…… How do you like your “Stake”?… Gov. Scott Walker has an answer to that.