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Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Part Duh

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  1. The 4.0 v. 2.0 students story is soo wrong. Saying a tecaehr could just do that is soo wrong also.First the classroom would have to be a democracy (it is not). Then the tecaehr would have to have the 95% of the classroom that is getting 2.0 s get together and VOTE to take away the 4.0 students grades (after all, they are only 5% and majority rules remember?).The 4.0 students usually are the tutors for the other 95%, but a good tecaehr would be able to motivate the 95% with slogans like unfair , greedy , privileged , entitled kind of like driving a wedge and creating a class warfare thing.The tecaehr would have to be a good talker especially if that tecaehr never really taught before – Also, the whole take away the 4.0 and spread them to the 2.0 deal, as any third grader or grad student can see, only works once. There is no way the privileged 4.0 students are going to do the extra work next year when they know the tecaehr is just going take them away anyway, right?Also, there is no motivation in a class room society to take the extra time to be a tutor when their is no extra reward SO what is the smooth talking tecaehr going to do next year in order to get the 95% of the classroom up to a 2.0 since he has lost his 4.0 students?Maybe this is just a very nuanced scheme to get the tecaehr of the year award and next year is someone elses problem.It kind of reminds me of the story about the smooth talking man that convinced the cafeteria to give 95% of the students free lunches and not worry, because they would pay them back later . . .Clearly the dear girl is doing a great thing in encouraging people to register to vote. It is every American’s responsibility to educate themselves and then to go out and cast a vote for the person they believe will best lead our country. However it does a great deal of harm to our world if people are simply handed a form, told to sign, and then Hollywood, or Rappers, or elites with agenda’s are the onesthat influence them how to vote. It is especially bad if the new people that have not bother to vote before are swayed by others to vote for the inexperienced tecaehr just because that tecaehr promises he will take from the rich and give to the poor

  2. You sound pretty ignorant , voice. If there was such a deep seated hatred for blacks and Mexicans, how did so many white, brainwashed suckers vote for Obama? The only thing deep seated here was white guilt, but that’s fading and people are slowly waking up. Actually there waking up pretty quickly. There is hatred though for certain blacks and Mexicans, including people like you. You see, people hate the fact that some Mexicans come in hear illegally, while their family had to wait in line, and we’re TRULY discriminated against having to go through Ellis island. You are a BABY WHO EXCERSIZES BLACK AND WHITE THINKING. THIS IS PART OF PSYCHOSIS, AND CAN EXPLAIN WHY SO MANY OF YOU FEEL THAT SOME PEOPLE HATING SOME OF YOU EQUALS WE ALL HATE ALL OF YOU. Please grow up, stop blaming your problems on me and everyone I know. Look yourself in the mirror please.

  3. Once again someone has used their opinion to fuel racial hatred and divsion. The vile term ” playing the race card” as to say talking about race is unfair, just the discussion of it offends. Why? is it because they are entitled to preferential treatment as a result of atrocities of the past and present; acknowledgement to the fact people were mistreated. hum. If you cannot talk about race, did you ever wonder why? hum. racism maybe.

    Yes, this country is infested with a deep seeded hatred of African-Americans, Mexicans and non-whites. Mexicans sneaking to the country with “ideals” that are not in the cauk-a-zoid point of view. Maybe they hate the Mexicans because they did not allow slavery and slaves escaped and went to Mexico. Yes, people should be documented and wait on the list like everyone else, but they are here and if their vote sways the country, which is what this is really about, so be it. they are here and love this country.

    Now to the conspiracy theory of Pelosi. Why, must she be out her mind to make a statement based on obvious racial hatred behavior. The mistreatment of Barrack Hussein Obama. The rude behaviour white on the senate floor.; someone had the nerve to say “you lie”. This was dispicalbe. Now the birthers, the biggest conspiracy theorist of our time have not been called raving mad, insane, ludacris or even mental hospital escapees.

    The president was born in the USA. Yes, like the boss said “Born in the USA”. Just the exerpt from the song. No black man could be president of corportation, school, or even union and not be a citizen. The right wing nuts egg them on and will do anything to get their votes.

    Racism is here and will be here at least for the next 200 years. Once everyone is intergrated, racism will seem less important to people. Yes, inter-racial marriage is on the rise. Black/white, Native American/White, Indian/White, Asian/White, Mexican/White, Hawaiian/White or they considered asian.
    Eskimo/White, African/White soon everyone will be of some color, brown, black, yellow, red or tan.

    Then finally no one will have to “play the race card”,; someone will probably destroy the country because there will still be one racist left who will set of the
    nukes, just becasue he hates everybody. How is that for a consipracy theory.

    • Pretty weak.

    • By the way, you are being LIED to by the democratic party. In the old days, the democratic party was the part of the KKK, and the party who was against any civil liberty for blacks; the only thing that has CHANGED now is that they LIE. You are being taken advantage of, just do some research.