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The Strategy to Destroy America: Critical Theory

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  1. horse pucky. once again this is the greatest country on earth.No one is trying to destry it. there is in fighting within parties because of power struggles that can be said to be said to be a “destruction of the country” because the greatest concern is party; however
    people hating the poor because you feel they deserve to be poor or it is all thier fault or they have had enough time to pull themselves up by their boot straps.

    Well, if you are dropped off at a street corner with ten bucks in your pocket , I wonder how long it will take you to pull yourself up by your boot straps. try finding work, housing, food and even government services. How long should this be extended to you. currently it is five yes, for a lifetime If you are laid off and it takes you a year and half to find a job. you have 3 years and one half left. If your company moves over seas and you take two year to find a job you now have one year left. You get injured on your job and cant get workers compensation or disability you exhaust the year and your are now a statistic of homeless, destitute, vagrant, thingking of suicide, comteplating crimes possibly, you are now a bum of the worst kind. You have worked for 50 years of your life.

    To the GOP you are a bum, a useless sucker who is of no purpose to society. The rich or people with jobs consider you a freeloader a burden who should be put out to pasture. Where is the compassion, when there is a conflict, desent of any kind and a country needs the assistance of the US, we are there with bells on and with billions of dolars, but we cannot help our sick, poor and elderly. This is a disgrace of the worst kind.

    We sit around bickering between parties about what programs should be cut,: argue who should pay more taxes , when those of meager means are considered in the pool of tax increases.

    I say get rid of all the bums. Give americans everything we need. We deserve the best. Schools, healthcare, Universities, Jobs (shortened work week), Vacations ( four to 6 weeks per year), Maternity leave for at least two years, unemployment until we find jobs – I bet the unemployment levele will be at .05%
    Make government more responsible or get rid of the bums. Get rid of these bums in the Supreme Court who are voting by party. It is just impossible to have all your votes reflecting your political beliefs, get rid of the bums. The people need more power and we would have better results for americans. Things are to politicalized. A bum is a bum. If they are a bum they need to go.

    Now my favorite,race. The thing that makes the blood boil what should be by blacks who were and are the victims of racism, but whites who feel when it is mentioned it is “playing the race card”. Like it is a game tht is not fair. One that which they cannot win, because they know of the injustices that blacks have suffered and still endure. Well i tell you this until you have worn a black face ( not a al jolson one) in america you will not know who bad it is.

    Black people basically good people, like all people their are undesirables. The more you oppress blacks the more ignorant, uneducated, rude, shady individuals will populate america; but rather than uplift people arrogance of racism likes to see them oppressed due to the feeling of superiority; it is only a feeling because of your racist actions that are oppressing the individuals in the first place.

    One may say what does this have to do with any thing discussed it has everything. The basis for conservative daily news is racism in my opinion. Racist individuals rant on about under the guise of unfairness, marxism, communism, and illegals taking away jobs when the real deal is worry about a shift in party.