The Eye-Popping Wisconsin Story You Didn’t Read

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  • 2nd the well-written breakdown of how things in Wisconsin went. Too bad journalism like this is nearly obsolete, the MSM never investigates anything anymore. You’re to be commended for having everything so well laid out!

  • Damn…as Paul Harvey would have said…’now you know the rest of the story…’!!!

  • Thank you for your truthful and very informative reporting. (Isn’t that what a journalist is supposed to do?) BYW, The states need to go back to election day being just that, one day of voting. This multi-day voting nonsense allows the left to bus in people hither and thither placing the burden on poll watchers who can easily be intimidated by the sheer volume of questionable voters who all show up at the same time to ‘vote’. I lived in Florida during the last presidential election and that is exactly what happened at the precinct I was watching.

  • A well-written, informative account. Well done!