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The End of American Conservatism?

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  1. “..cursed by limitations, in both our language and our manner of thinking, that have doomed us to a perpetual rearguard struggle against a determined and even fanatical adversary – the American progressive, an indigenous variety of socialist.
    Our children are in government propaganda schools over 8hrs per day. They do not take discipline well, they want all the free stuff promised to them by socialists, they fight their parents. What do we expect.

    25. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV.

  2. One of your finer articles Kyle.

    I do believe that a solid defense is necessary too however. Elements of this defense include the vigilance the Founders spoke of, anticipating what the opponents will try and having the ability to counterattack effectively. I would also say that the natural state is not ever an evolving thing to be advanced in my view, it is a timeless principle. For example the ideal of transferring one’s will to a group for the “greater good” is impossible now and always has been, and always will be. One may “will” or choose that one will be subservient to a cause but that is still a person’s ownership decision. We cannot transfer the ownership of our lives to others in reality.

    An analogy about science and “progress” can be made with the recent home-run records in baseball.

    When the use of steroids to increase human ability became widespread, old home-run records began to fall. Man had used science to get results beyond his natural capability. However, these new records have distorted the real records by those who never had these “advantages.” So, our whole way of measuring excellence in man himself has been hopeless ruined in this area.

    Liberals like this blurred and chaotic state where everything is relative and nothing is grounded. They use it as an excuse to gain more power, but it is not helping mankind advance at all– either individually or collectively.

    We do need to aggressively, not passively, educate others on conservative principles as you say, or others will take our liberty, and it’s an eternal task.

  3. Bravo! You have hit the nail on the head. GK Chesterton said in reference to the story of Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde that evil does not care about good, but good still cares about evil. Evil will always try to destroy good. Most Conservatives try to live decent lives, yet the depraved Left won’t rest until they’ve converted us into the same little perverts they have become. They pervert everything they touch: children, marriage, family, and even freedom, which to them is license. They pervert economic systems. How many of these lefties are billionaires telling us we have to tighten our belts so they can continue to live out the remainder of their pathetic lives? Would someone tell George Soros, David Rockefeller and the other fomenters of ‘progressivism’ (progress towards what specifically? Does anyone ever articulate the end goal?) that their hourglasses are running out of sand?

  4. Great article.

    All of humanity can be distilled into the essence of this struggle: I am perfectly capable of living my life in a responsible way, yet I am constantly confronted and interfered with by others who cannot. These people demand that I give up my individuality to them.


    The answer is simple. The lust for power over someone else is a mental disease that has plagued mankind from its beginning. This helps explain the inability to penetrate the Leftist mindset with the simple facts of life. The concept of Reality is foreign to them, much like the concept of personal responsibility.

    They want to play God with our lives.

    Those of us who wish to live peacefully and care for our families are under constant assault from those who wish to control us. This is the Eternal Struggle to be fought in this life. Our Founders recognized this and sought to establish our form of government in order to minimize this unfortunate human trait.

    As we are seeing, we must always be on guard against those who don’t share our values of freedom and individuality. They will not stop until we are their slaves.