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The Delusional Deception of ObamaCare

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  1. Look i am tired of reading the heeing and hawing about obamacare. what the problem with obamacare is that it will benefit people and the gop is afraid of a shift in votes instead of what is best for americans. People are required to have car insurance. Why? It is a good thing, people need to be taken care of just in case they are injured or killed. It makes sense; just as insuring everyone makes sense. This is a time of numerous diseases such as HIV, Aids, swine flu, west nile virus, ebola, chaggas, and flesh eating ones as well if everyone is covered it lessens the changes of pandemics and spreading of illnesses that can be prevented. People are thinking small you must think of the bigger picture and what is good for the long term.
    This is the greatest country on earth we should at least be covered for illness not just for car accidents.

    • “people need to be taken care of” <—That is your problem right there.

      Most people want to take care of themselves.