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Teen Stands Ground. Saves Family.

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  1. I am wondering if this was a loaded gun in this house with children. It turned out to be a good thing in this case but this is scarey.

    • Good God…Wouldn’t you think 3 or 4 bloody little bodies might not be scarier? Apparently the child got excellent training from one of his parents on how to handle a firearm…IMHO that in itself saved himself and the othe siblings, not to mention the contents of their home. As for having a loaded gun in the house, it’s just as inert as an unloaded one if you give each member the proper training and the understanding that it is not a toy…..an unloaded gun is nothing more than an expensive club……

    • There are way too many sad stories of children killed because of a loaded gun in the house. Of course, there aren’t many released details about this situation. Thankfully, the teen appeared to have been trained and had presence of mind to react. Truly a traumatic situation no matter.