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The Politics of Fear

niccolo-machiavelli - bust

Niccolò Machiavelli, the famed Florentine political philosopher, once posed the question whether it is better to be feared than loved. It is well-remembered by every schoolboy that his reply was that, “it is better to be feared than loved,” with the provision that both fear and love must be unattainable. But too often lost in the passage is the caveat ...

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Americans For Prosperity Comes to Pennsylvania

Patently False!

Americans for Prosperity seeks to capitalize on the president’s recent gaffe about the state of the economy.  The “Doing Fine” ad is a $400,000 media buy that will run for ten days in Colorado, Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.  Tim Phillips, the President of AFP, stated that the new set of ad buys seeks to highlight Obama’s dismal economic record and ...

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WaPo Columnist: Exercise Your ‘Civic Duty’: Suggest Vacation Spot for Obamas


It’s almost July and the president hasn’t yet announced his family’s vacation plans yet. So of course Washington Post columnist Al Kamen felt obliged to direct his readers to kindly offer suggestions for vacation spots for the laid-back commander-in-chief. “[I]t’s time to do your civic duty by suggesting where the first family should vacation this year. Deadline for submissions is ...

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Dobbs calls out Pulitzer Winner, Law Breaker as Partisan Activist

Jose Antonio Vargas has been touted as a hero by immigration activists for his courage to admit publicly that he is “undocumented.” The problem, as Lou Dobbs so eloquently points out, is that “undocumented” is just a fancy word for “illegal.” To learn more about who Jose Antonio Vargas truly is, read Pulitzer Winner Breaks Law Daily.

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Pulitzer Winner Breaks Law Daily

Jose Antonio Vargas has been making the rounds on the talk show circuit promoting his new book and is garnering a wealth of attention… while breaking federal laws in the process. Vargas, according to his own mini-autobiography published in the New York Times in June 2011, arrived in America at the age of 12 when his mother shipped him off ...

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States with no income tax don’t do better than those with high income taxes?

Nothing like a flawed correlation to give liberals the meat they need to boast the benefits of higher taxation A New York Post op-ed post byJuliet Lapidos uses an Institute of Taxation and Economic Policy Report to create the false correlation of income tax to economic output. An ITEP report demonstrates that states with no personal income tax don’t have a ...

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Race Isn’t Everything, It’s the Only Thing

Contempt of Congress charges are being levied against U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder because he is a champion “supporting measures to overturn these voter-suppression initiatives in the states”.  So says Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. A “progressive” has spoken.  End of story. It is absolutely inconceivable that contempt of Congress charges could be over secret documents pertaining to ...

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2012 Will Be an Election About the Economy

In a speech at Macomb Community College in Warren, MI, on July 14, 2009, Obama said, “I love those folks who helped get us in this mess, and suddenly they say, ‘This is Obama’s economy.’ That’s fine. Give it to me. My job is to solve problems, not stand on the sidelines and carp and gripe.” OK, Mr. Obama, the ...

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President Obama Has The Wrong Priorities


Mitt Romney’s campaign has released a new video, stating: What we’re witnessing is a failure of the President’s policies. He did not deal with immigration. With regards to Obamacare, he put that as a higher priority than our economy and as a result we have had forty straight months with unemployment above eight percent. The economy’s not working; immigration is ...

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Is Arizona Being Punished?

larry dever

Is Arizona being chastised by this administration? Just minutes after the Supreme Court ruling that upheld the right of law enforcement to check citizenship on detained individuals the White House issued a bold statement. The Department of Homeland Security would suspend existing agreements with Arizona police and would stop responding to most of Arizona law enforcement calls related to illegal ...

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America Is Delusional (Review)


When I saw the title Sex Politics Religion: How Delusional Thinking Is Destroying America being promoted in my inbox, I just couldn’t resist. True, the author, Steve Siebold, is a self-help guru that started out in the weight loss niche. But, I thought “maybe this is worth a look.” Siebold sells this book as a call to engage in critical ...

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Gallup: Jobs #1 Hispanic Priority


All the news last week didn’t change the fact that Hispanics don’t put immigration as their number one priority. Instead, they are most concerned with jobs and health coverage. President Obama may want to review the most recent Gallup poll and perhaps take a pivot toward jobs during this election season. Or not. Maybe this is a prime opportunity for ...

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Stockton, California as an Example of a Flourishing City


Stockton, CA – This city may be the first in California to declare bankruptcy. The city, in spite of cutting police, fire, and anything else it could think of, is still running in the red, and cannot make its bills. Why? Pensions and benefits for retirees have literally taken over the budget to the point where the city has been ...

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