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Supreme Court Strikes Blow for Tyranny

The Supreme Court’s Chief Justice John Roberts sided with the progressive wing of the court to effectively uphold the individual mandate of the Obamacare law. In an unusually direct example of legislating from the bench, Justice Roberts argued that although the mandate to cover health insurance was unconstitutional as a penalty, it was constitutionally permissible under the Congress’ taxing powers.

This is an absurd argument that contradicts even President Obama’s own reasoning that the individual mandate is “not a tax.” Nowhere in the healthcare law itself was the individual mandate ever labeled as a tax, and for a member of a court to imply that the law is feasible under such an arrangement, boggles the mind.

But here we are America, on the cusp of seeing the biggest tax on the middle class in the nation’s history. All in the midst of an economy the Vice President recently called “a depression for millions.” And the market will continue to tank. The jobless rate will continue to rise. And insurance premiums will continue to soar. That has been the plan all along; to force us into the single payer system that Obama supports by hook or by crook.

It is inconceivable that the Congress has the authority to “tax” individuals into buying private health insurance or else be forced to enroll in the so-called “public option.”

What America is experiencing is a complete breakdown of our system of laws, devolving into a government ruled by a unified cohort of self-interested men. The law is being deformed to suit predetermined political ends, which are directed towards dissolving individual liberty and strengthening centralized power.

Thomas Jefferson was prescient when he declared of the argument that the judiciary is the final recourse against tyranny:

If this opinion be sound, then indeed is our constitution a complete felo de se [suicide pact]. […] The constitution, on this hypothesis, is a mere thing of wax in the hands of the judiciary, which they may twist and shape into any form they please. It should be remembered, as an axiom of eternal truth in politics, that whatever power in any government is independent, is absolute also; in theory only, at first, while the spirit of the people is up, but in practice, as fast as that relaxes. Independence can be trusted no where but with the people in mass. They are inherently independent of all but moral law.

And indeed, nine men in robes had their say in court today. But we concerned citizens will have our final say in the court of public opinion via the ballot box come November. For today’s ruling should not be taken as a demoralizing rejection of the Constitution’s principles, which live so long as they survive in our hearts.

But it is a sad day that one of the institutions of our government has so debased itself as to become a trivial appendage of tyrannical men. The Supreme Court has lowered itself to the same standard as politicized courts around the world, making the United States that much less exceptional.

It is not the first time the Supreme Court has sided with the abusive power of government over the freedom of the citizens, and it will not be the last, so long as the unvarnished progressive Justice Roberts presides in the court.

But this is a rallying cry to raise the American flag, and to reassert with all force that can be mustered to oppose growing tyranny in our once great country. Whether by the ballot box, or by state nullification, or by civil revolt, tyranny will be opposed in this nation. And a Supreme Court ruling is not going to change that political reality.

Victory for Obamacare! Will Today’s SCOTUS Decision Awaken the Sleeping Tea Party?!

Barack Obama

The Supreme Court of the United States handed down a controversial decision today upholding Barack Obama’s Affordable Healthcare Act and it’s individual mandate requiring all citizens to purchase health care insurance. Now, if Americans really hate this law and what it imports, the only way to act is to elect a regime that will undo what has been done.

This decision by the Supreme Court, with a deciding vote cast by supposedly conservative Chief Justice John Roberts, is the worst decision ever, putting us in the same position as Greece when it comes to our economic future. The nation is filled with 50 percent of the population or better who believe that it is the government’s role to take care of individuals from cradle to grave. The other half of our society is either opposed to this view, solidly in favor of rugged individualism and the rights of man, or they are ignorant or indifferent.

Justice Roberts justified his decision by stating that it is the congress’s right to impose the mandate the same as a tax, even though the solicitor general’s horribly inept argument detailed that it was the administration’s belief that this is not a tax. This is yet another example of how total incompetence, i.e. the solicitor general, the attorney general, the president, can even prevail despite their colossal ineptitude.

Chief Justice John Roberts

Will this horrible decision stand, enslaving grandchildren and great grandchildren to the will of the state, like Soviet Russia, or Communist China? Or will the Tea Party Patriots wake up and remove this administration in the election in November?

You’re going to do something you’re not going to want to do, Tea Party! You’re going to have to show up and vote for someone you are luke-warm about, or are totally disgusted with, Governor Mitt Romney. I recommend you salve your wounded pride by supporting someone local you know, a conservative/libertarian who can beat his or her liberal/progressive opponent. And then, while you’re at it, put a check mark in the box for the other guy, Mitt. A conservative congress can lead our candidate around by the nose back to conservative and fiscal sanity. Barack Obama and his goonies are totally insulated and immune to the will of the people and will continue to drive us off a Euro-Cliff! If they can require us to pay a tax for a service we don’t want, what else are they going to tax us on in the next four years? Maybe they are going to force gun owners to pay a tax on their guns every year until they decide to turn them in? Will the Supreme Court uphold that? After all, now there is precedence.

Attorney General Eric Holder

Remember Fast and Furious? This administration and the horribly incompetent Eric Holder, Attorney General, allowed, even forced gun shops to sell assault rifles to drug kingpins in order to create a crisis for Mexico and the US. That crises, which no one should let go to waste, would force the issue of gun control back into the public forum  and allow Barack and his cronies to seize our guns. This administration is deadly and dangerous, and totally untrustworthy when it comes to safeguarding the rights of citizens. It’s time that they are gone. Remember to vote in November and get your friends to vote. Dead people, illegal aliens and felons will be voting for the progressives, so the more the merrier!

Individual Mandate: It’s a Tax

While everyone digests the Supreme Court ruling a few things come to mind.

Based on what has been reported it seems that if you have a job you will be taxed and those taxes will pay for health care for everyone who needs it. To be sure, there will probably be reduced taxes for those with less income, more dependents, etc.  But who can believe this will not impact the middle class?

Additionally, it was promised that a person could keep his current coverage. Yet, why would businesses, especially small, continue to pay for employee insurance when the the fine to the government would be less? Who would be surprised if businesses look at this in a dollars and cents format and decide to stop offering employee insurance? More people would then go on the government plan and. . .

Third, as the number of enrollees in the government program increase so, necessarily will need to increase. Until they reach a threshold, or breaking point. At that point services will be reduced. Payments to health care providers cut. Delays in service will occur. We will become like Canada and the United Kingdom.

As entitlements grow more will become dependent on them. We can expect to see problems in the future, just as Greece and Spain and the rest of Europe are experiencing.Those dependent on handouts will become the majority and will continue to vote for programs and lawmakers who promise to keep them.

The United States has always been a country filled with people who prided themselves on ingenuity, hard work, and a desire to provide for their families. It is time to put a stop to all the entitlement programs and return to our roots. There is now one thing to do. Vote. If we don’t change the path we are traveling it may soon be too late.



Supreme Court Rules Obamacare Constitutional

At 10:07 today, the Supreme Court ruled, against all expectations, to uphold the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in its entirety. Chief Justice Roberts joined the left side of the Court, causing a 5-4 ruling, which upheld the individual mandate. Justice Kennedy did join the minority and vote against the ACA. The Court ruled that the individual mandate is a tax and is therefore constitutional.

In the words of the SCOTUS blog:

“The bottom line: the entire ACA [Affordable Care Act] is upheld, with the exception that the federal government‘s power to terminate states’ Medicaid funds is narrowly read,”

Details are still emerging, however, this ruling can be read as nothing but an overwhelming defeat for President Obama and his big government policies.

From the Desk of Barack Obama

Dear Terrorists and other enemies of the USA around the world

I just wanted to drop you a line, and remind you how hard I have been working here in Washington to make things easier for you. Thanks to the recent ruling by the Court here, I’ll be ignoring our southern border – I don’t really care about that crazy woman out in Arizona. While I can’t give arms to the drug cartels anymore, I have no plans to give in to the GOP on Fast and Furious. Of course, if it becomes necessary, I have no qualms about hanging Holder out to dry.

Donkey Hotey (CC)

Also, the media is on top of demonizing the opposition. And I’ve started assembling lawyers to contest the results, if the election doesn’t go exactly my way. I’ve even got groups to silence conservatives on Twitter, and have a team dedicated to bullying webhosts into shutting down websites of my detractors.

It’s true that the FBI is keeping tabs on extremists in the military, but that simply can’t be helped. That’s just too noticeable to allow. But, there is still the lack of security on the Mexican border in your favor. And that is costing me votes – not to mention, it’s making a majority of Americans think I actually want to encourage illegal immigration. Too bad you only managed to train a Norwegian man as an operative. But, he shouldn’t have any difficulty sneaking into the US over either border. He could probably just fly in anyway. It’s not like I’m demanding efficiency or competency from the TSA.

But, one thing is, I really do need you to act soon. It can’t be too close to the elections here in November, because that might be too suspicious. And I’ll need time to muster up some sympathy, and get the message out there that we need to be a united nation against the threat. Obviously, we don’t want to let the people know that it was all constructed by me in the first place, so make sure you have control of your people. Well, that probably isn’t a problem, because you probably aren’t telling them that you’re conspiring with me in the first place!

Barack H. Obama

**Obviously, this is not an actual letter from our President to unnamed terrorists. Well, here’s hoping that he’s never actually written anything like this! If he had, no doubt he would say that it is protected by Executive Privilege.

American Federation of Teachers-New Hampshire Incisive Candidate Survey

Steve MacDonald, author of Granite Grok, posted on June 26th the wonderful new candidate survey AFT-NH is distributing, which is centered on two words: “money and power.”

McDonald stated that:

The entire survey is dedicated to asking whether you will do anything to curb public union power or will vote to change how public union teachers are compensated, their pensions,  including whether you would support any legislation that would make it harder to raise taxes.

Can’t put road blocks on the path to legal plunder.  Gotta have more taxes.   Money and Union Power. That’s the entire survey.

There are questions on voter ID, Vouchers, Charter Schools; do you support right to work and collective bargaining rights; would you block dues collection through payroll deduction, and they even ask if you would vote to block Obamacare?  But my favorite….”Do you support the Free State Project?”  I kid you not.

So what about the children?  Screw the children. There is not one question about kids, students, materials, curriculum, facilities, or anything that has anything to do with legislators concerns about public education or educating children, unless you count the questions on whether you might be even remotely inclined to let parents (see also taxpayers) decide where to educate their children.

Here is a copy of the survey.

(H/T Granite Grok)


Time Magazine Frustrated, Thinks Romney is Too Focused on Economy

Presumptive Republican Nominee Mitt Romney

In 1992, the Democratic mantra was, “It’s the Economy, Stupid,” and the media, thoroughly behind Bill Clinton, wholeheartedly agreed. Not so much 20 years later when it’s the Romney campaign hammering home their message on the shaky Obama economy.

It appears Time magazine’s Michael Crowley is frustrated that Romney won’t talk about anything else but the economy.  As reported yesterday, his piece for Time Magazine on June 25th, frivolously entitled “One-Note Mitt: Is Romney Too Focused on The Economy?” exposes the liberal media complex’s attempt to change the narrative to issues they think are more favorable to President Obama.

After Crowley detailed the abysmal economic climate in 1980, he wrote that “Reagan’s campaign wasn’t singularly focused on Carter’s economic record.” The liberal media have attempted to use Reagan to attack Republicans — from the Left no less — numerous times already this campaign season, but this is particularly ridiculous.

Crowley’s piece also launched another trap with him stating that “Reagan extensively blasted Carter on foreign policy (including the Iran hostage crisis and alleged weakness against the Soviets in Afghanistan and elsewhere). He depicted the President as wimpy in general, proclaiming that “There is a leadership crisis in America.” And he peddled a vigorous anti-Washington message (“Get the government off our backs”) that fired up both Goldwater conservatives and blue-collar Democrats.”
In essence, Crowley is hoping Romney will move into a stronger focus on Obama’s foreign policy, hoping to give the president, and the media, another excuse to spike the football over the successful bin Laden raid. Nevertheless, Crowley hasn’t achieved this narrative-altering move and tries to spin the economic woes that are hurting the president’s re-election campaign as a unprecedented event that should help Obama.  He claims that the “two recent presidential elections are remembered primarily as referendums on an ailing economy that cost an incumbent his job – Ronald Reagan’s 1980 defeat of Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton’s win over George H.W. Bush in 1992. But while we remember the defining slogans, “Are you better off than you were four years ago?” and “It’s the economy, stupid,” both those contests were more complicated in ways that should give Barack Obama some comfort.”  Don’t bet on it.

$15 Trillion Later

Cato Institute’s director of health and welfare studies Michael Tanner wrote The American Welfare State How We Spend Nearly $1 Trillion a Year Fighting Poverty – and Fail. The Cato Institute recently released his findings. They are, to say the least, not encouraging. Tanner states that America has spent $15 trillion in the “war on poverty” since 1964. And what do we have to show for all that money spent? A poverty rate that about the same as in 1964, an entrenched bureaucracy, and a population increasingly dependent on government handouts. When Johnson declared war on poverty, the US poverty rate was 19 percent and rapidly falling. Increasing prosperity caused by the free market, and civil institutions such as churches, charities, and fraternal organizations, was already making poverty a rarity in the US. Today the poverty rate is 15.1 percent and climbing.

The war on poverty has been a big success for the bureaucracy. At the federal level alone there are now 126 separate anti-poverty programs administered by seven different cabinet agencies and six independent agencies. On June, 2011, the Subcommittee on Regulatory Affairs, Stimulus Oversight and Government Spending of the House of Representatives Committee on Oversight and Government Reform held a hearing on the issue of “Duplication, Overlap, and Inefficiencies in Federal Welfare Programs.” General Accountability Office (GAO) Chief Operating Officer Patricia A. Dalton said:

… that the GAO could not identify all existing welfare programs in the various federal departments and agencies or determine how much they cost. She said further that she and the GAO could not give a specific number of welfare programs or even “hazard a guess” as to what percentage of those programs are actually accomplishing the purposes for which they were created.

Tanner stated that welfare spending increased under Bush, but Obama has thrown money at anti-poverty programs at an unprecedented rate. Since taking office, the Obama administration has increased spending on welfare programs by more than $193 billion. “The vast majority of current programs,” Tanner state, “are focused on making poverty more comfortable – giving poor people more food, better shelter, health care, and so forth – rather than giving people the tools that will help them escape poverty. The best way to create wealth is not through government action, but through the power of the free market.”

But Johnson couldn’t leave well enough alone. In the name of “equal outcome,” he declared war on poverty and created the welfare system. On June 4, 1965, at a Howard University commencement address, Johnson expressed his support for equal outcomes policies directed at Black Americans. He linked economic rights with civil rights and equality of outcome with equality of opportunity.  [emphasis mine]  Johnson said, “It is not enough to open the gates of opportunity; all our citizens must have the ability to walk through those gates.”  [again, emphasis mine]  That comment led to race- and gender-based quotas and preferences, what we now refer to as affirmative action.

Now let’s turn our attention to equal opportunity. I was a rather slow and mediocre race car driver. My only claim to fame (such as it is) is that Bobby Allison once lapped me in a 5 lap race! But I had the same opportunities as Bobby Allison, and that is the point of this diatribe. I had the same access, the same equal opportunity, as Allison to money, cars, and sponsors. The fact that I didn’t have Allison’s talent for driving race cars was a personal impediment.

Yet had the same logic that Johnson used in 1964-5, I could have/would have been competitive with Allison, not by making me faster, but by making Allison slower and making him wait for me.

Failing to reach one’s goal (in my case, driving fast) would clarify the meaning of the words “access” and “opportunity.” But clarification would destroy the political usefulness of these words, along with the government programs that are used to justify them. No politician asks how access was denied. Politicians don’t stop to define words, suggesting that external barriers are the problem. and that government intervention is the only solution. “Equal access” does not automatically lead to “equal outcomes” in racing or anywhere else. But words like “equal access” have led to much political success.

Kurt Vonnegut, in 1961, wrote about equality of outcomes in Harrison Bergeron, and about Harrison’s ultimate rebellion against forced equality of outcomes. He was shot.

I think it’s fairly clear that after transferring $15 trillion to the poor that the concept of “equal outcome” has not, nor will it ever work. All we can do is ensure “equal opportunity,” then let the cards fall where they may.

But that’s just my opinion.

Please visit RWNO, my personal web site.

SWAT-ting: A Prank or Dangerous?

Have you heard of this? SWAT-ting is falsely placing a call to the 9-1-1Operator and reporting a serious crime in progress using another’s name or address.

By using new technology the perpetrator is able to make it look like the call is placed from inside the ‘victim’s’ home. The 9-1-1 Operator dispatches an Emergency Response Team, sometimes SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics). Police arrive anticipating something horrendous while the victim innocently answers the door.

It seems this originated as a prank played by youth with technological know how who were able to spoof the telephone number, tricking Emergency Services into seeing the victim’s phone number and address. Using this harassment tool to target political speech is more recent.  Within the past month two outspoken, controversial conservative bloggers have been targeted. Erick Erickson of the website was hit. The emergency dispatcher was told that, “I just shot my wife. . .” “I’m going to shot someone else, soon.” Accordingly, police were sent to his home. In an interview with CNN Erickson shares the experience. The 9-1-1 call is chilling in its serious tone.

This week blogger Aaron Walker, author of Archangel, had a similar incident. Both of these men and their families were put in significant danger when police arrived at their homes looking for a murderer.

Calling 9-1-1, pretending to be someone who you do not like is no joke. Senator Saxby Chambliss of Georgia wrote to the Attorney General urging him to investigate this matter. These hoaxes may be life threatening. Americans value Freedom of Speech, whether one agrees with the speech or not. This type of harassment,  hoping to silence these speakers, should not be tolerated.



The scariest of outcomes for Obamacare

One possible outcome of the Obamacare ruling is particularly worrisome – finding only the individual mandate unconstitutional, but not why you think.

Tomorrow morning every news agency, media outlet, pundit and analyst will be eagerly awaiting the Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare. While I sincerely hope that the whole thing is turned into a 2,700 page footnote in history, I am concerned that what will survive will lead to a socialist healthcare system in America because healthcare insurance companies (payers) will no longer be able to function.

If only the individual mandate is struck down, but the remaining provisions left in-tact, insurance companies will be forced to seek those costs from the few non-pre-existing customers left – us. Our premiums will “necessarily skyrocket” to cover the costs associated with those regulations. Here’s how it works:

The requirement that insurers must offer coverage to those with pre-existing conditions at a “fair price” means people no longer have to need to carry  insurance while they are healthy. They only need purchase it when they get cancer, get really hurt in a car accident, fall off a ladder or whatever. Then they can just jump on to our health plan at near the costs the rest of us pay.  So they magically get $10,000 or more in urgent care, critical care, surgery, x-rays, MRIs, CAT scans, hospital stay, post-care and more while having paid only one month’s premiums into the risk pool. Where does the rest of those tens of thousands of dollars come from? Easy – the rest of the middle class who has been dutifully over-paying for too much coverage so that Freddie Freeloader can then drop his coverage after he’s healed up from his drunken-binge car wreck.

Why would anyone carry coverage until they get really sick or hurt? Just pay doctor’s visits out of pocket until you get really sick or hurt, then just jump on a plan for a few months until you’re better then leave. As this behavior increases so will premiums – the money has to come from somewhere. In time, no one will keep insurance long-term which will precipitate the demise of insurance payers – at least in their current form.

Most middle and low-income earners don’t treat healthcare like a responsibility. They don’t put away for future expenses like they do for college or retirement because insurers do that for them. The next logical step for insurance companies will likely turn their worlds upside-down – payers won’t be paying first anymore.

I would expect that payers will go to only high-deductible plans. They will exist in tiers so that the higher your deductible, the smaller your premium. This might allow them to charge incredible premiums for low-deductible plans so that even those with pre-exiting conditions have to pay the initial five, six, ten or twenty thousand dollars of expenses out of their own pockets before the payer starts kicking in.

Employers may choose to no longer provide coverage as the premium increases make it impossible for them to operate their businesses. Americans will have to provide for themselves. The noise from the electorate will increase in volume demanding that something be done about the insurance company profits and Congress will swoop in to rescue them. Voila – single payer, government-provided health care is born at the demand of the American people.

This was the intent of the law from its inception. Kill the payers, enrage the voters, become the only answer to a problem Congress created. The Supreme Court may just speed up what was the ultimate goal.


CNN – No Longer King

Founded in 1980 by Ted Turner, CNN was the first station to offer 24-7 news coverage. They changed how Americans got their news and as granddaddy rode the wave of popularity for many years.

My first real encounter with CNN happened at the onset of the First Gulf War. We didn’t have cable but one of our local stations broadcast the station live through the night as Bernard Shaw, Peter Arnett and John Holliman reported from their position. Better than any reality television today; there was no editing. It was raw coverage, the men were caught unexpectedly when the war began and not able to leave the area. So they reported live, for hours and days, on the shelling and gunfire surrounding their hotel. It was riveting. You can feel the tension in these clips:


The opportunity to have live international news was so compelling we joined many and signed up for cable.

But now, more than 20 years later, things have changed. No longer king, CNN seen its ratings hemorrhage losing 35-40% of their viewers in the past quarter as listed in the Hollywood Reporter and By The Numbers.

CNN – Prime time viewers – 446,000 (25-54 age group – 129,000)

MSNBC – Prime time viewers – 689,000 (25-54 age group – 217,000)

FOX—Prime time viewers –1.79 Million (25-54 age group – 254,000)

It is worth noting that both MSNBC and FOX also reported lower numbers, but appreciably smaller changes.

Waiting at the airport last week I was reminded of the once powerful station.  Sitting there watching CNN I wondered whether the airport chose to air this station due to popularity or perhaps they were under contract. With ratings in the tank it is apparent that the station was not on due to passenger request.

As Bob Dylan sings, “The times, they are a-changin’”.

ObamaCare, What Are We Afraid Of?

Like everyone else in the country, I am waiting to see what the Supreme Court has to say about ObamaCare. All the polls show that a majority of the people are against ObamaCare and want it to go away. I have to admit, I am one of those people. But I was thinking, why are so many people against it, when no one has even read it? A bill with over twenty-seven-hundred pages, that no one has read on either side. The people who are for it, have not read it, as well as the people who are against it, have not read it. Since I cannot speak for the people who are for it, I am going to tell you why I am against it.

1. The way it was past; we saw Washington at its worst, a bill that big, which will take over one-sixth of the economy should not have been done in a partisan way. The Democrats stood in the way of everything the Republicans wanted to do. The Democrats lied, cheated, bribed and strong armed people in their own party who were against it, just to get it done. Which cost many of them their jobs.

2. No one read the bill; how can any politician, look us in the face and tell us this is a good bill without even knowing what is in it. This is ridiculous, a bill this big and no one reads it before they vote on it, I am willing to bet the President still does not know what is in his own bill. I was really surprised that the whole country was not in an uproar when Nancy Pelosi went on national television and said, “we have to pass the bill, so we can find out what is in it.” That still makes my blood boil. This woman thinks the American people are stupid.

3. Doctors are against it; health care, what the hell do politicians know about health care? Nothing, 86% of all doctors are against ObamaCare. Now I don’t know about you, but I am going to trust a doctors opinion on a health care matter, before I trust a politicians, especially the ones that do not take the time to read the bill.

4. Other countries; all you have to do is look around to other countries that also have socialized medicine and you will see that it just does not work. I was watching a news show that had representatives of Great Britain pleading with us not to follow what they did with their health care. They described how people have to wait months to get an appointment to see a doctor, the government decides when and if you need surgery, medicine is in short supply and on and on about how bad it was, I will take the word of experience any day.

5. Big Government; I don’t know about you, but I think government is too big as it is, I do not want them growing any bigger. This government seems to be all about control, they say that they want to help us when all they really want is to control our everyday lives. Do you really want the government deciding what is good for your health, or do you want your doctor to tell you? I for one am voting for my doctor.

6. Boy it came fast; Am I the only one that finds it strange, one day Obama is President, the next day he has a twenty-seven hundred page health care bill in his hand. Did anyone ever think about where it came from and who wrote it, I still don’t know. I know damn sure, the president did not write it. It seems to me that liberals have been working on this for years, just waiting for the right time to spring it on the American people.

Do we need health care reform? Yes we do, but let us keep the government out of it. History has taught us, that government screws-up almost everything it touches, the government cannot even run itself, how can we trust them with something that big and that should remain between a doctor and a patient.
I vote repeal and replace.

This is one man’s opinion

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