Oklahoma Republican Party At It Again

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  • It has come to my attention that good folks like these who are disgusted with what has happened within our party do not support Ron Paul or his tactics due to insufficient or deceptive information. Oh that we could get people to listen to the man, not in a staged debate, but in speaking from the heart. We are all, one in the same, patriots and the cause is not lost but must be fought and won. Do not accept defeat so easily!

  • Good article, just goes to show you we will have to continue to fight and be a bottom up movement. We almost got them at the state convention and still have our contested conservative value slate headed to Tampa.
    I have heard Matt Pinnell may not run again. Want the job, over 60K a year. I’m thinking about it. You only have to show up for precinct meeting,county convention, district convention, and state convention next year and we will have our victory. Once we control the GOP in Oklahoma, the sky is the limit towards real freedom and liberty. 4 days to save your state and country. That ain’t asking too much, is it?

  • ELECTION FRAUD REMEDY (Being filed and done Pro Bono)

  • My God..I never thought I’d agree w/ a democrat…But that crybaby in Wisconsin is right…Democracy is dead…I suppose our Constitutional Republic is next…