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Obama’s NLRB Appointment Comes from Union with Mob Ties!

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About Matt Vespa

I'm a staunch Republican and a politics junkie who was recently the Executive Director for the Dauphin County Republican Committee in Harrisburg. Before that, I interned with the Republican Party of Pennsylvania in the summer of 2011 and Mary Pat Christie, First Lady of NJ, within the Office of the Governor of NJ in 2010. I was responsible for updating his personal contact list. My first political internship was with Tom Kean Jr's. U.S. Senate campaign in 2006.


  1. What does this have to do with the man appointed to the job. Wherever, there is wealth there is a rich white man behind some thief of some kind. He was appointed legal counsel, which does not make him responisble or part of any wrong doing. You need more than crap like this to bring obama down. Keep feeding the morons, so that they can keep feeding you. People lack integrity in times such as this, and if printing horse pucky gets you a check then keep them coming, i would not want you to end up on foodstamps, free healthcare, welfare or some other government subsidies

    • yourfavoriteunkle

      Uh-huh… that…. and the FACT that this administration, along with prior administrations, is/were INFESTED with appointees and persons whom have less than desirable reputations. Could this not be a catalyst for a storyline such as this? I am perplexed by how quickly those who defend Obama, or party-line politics in general, invoke the “this is smear journalism” attitude whilst forgetting that Obama, Bush, Republicans, Democrats etc… etc… are responsible for the degradation of our political system and our society. Appointees that allow bias in our judicial system make us look like a “laughing stock” when we should be setting a benchmark. Appointees in our regulatory system stifle us as a nation by playing politics instead of regulating… and so on….and so on…and so on… I am certain I could cite many more examples.
      The attitude revealed by your comment above illustrates the real problem: We the people, allow ourselves the luxury of turning a “blind eye” to those who represent us because of political ideology and the results are a White House, Congress and Senate that are nothing more than a forum for legalized bribery, graft and corruption. Until this changes, nothing changes.
      In the future, if you wish to opine, be sure your “bias” isn’t showing. It compromises your integrity.

      • my integrity is in tack. I do agree others see us as laughing stocks and we should try to regain the respect we once enjoyed, but not by trashing the potus which makes us look divided.