New Yorkers about to give up last hope of gun ownership

By | June 18, 2012

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5 thoughts on “New Yorkers about to give up last hope of gun ownership

  1. RolloverRiderPGR

    OOPS..Quote” – As the microstamp is only on the casing (the part of the cartridge that holds the bullet) anyone planning to commit a crime would simply go to a New York shooting range, pick up the fired brass, use those mirco-stamped and reload them. Then then the craft criminal could blame his crime on YOU. Quote..

    Sorry but this is very incorrect not to mention stupid!

    IF some idiot criminal were to go pick up brass at a firing range it’s one lousy range as every range I’ve gone to required the shooters to police their brass when they are done.

    First: If they are going to “use” used brass and reload it, that is a joke! Criminals reloading their own brass? OK, I can’t buy that as it is expensive to set up! They’re criminals and would steal their ammo in a crime which is way cheaper than buy it at it’s cost today!

    You have NEVER reloaded your own have you? Or seen the process?
    That primer the firing pin is going to “stamp” an ID on REMOVED! Yep! Ya got to replace that primer that was stamped with the micro stamp ID so the new reloaded round will work! In fact there is a die a re loader needs to remove the thing.

    UNLESS you think the criminal is going to commit a crime using his gun and then police the brass he fired in his crime and then drop those casings from the firing range at the scene of the crime all the while time is important to get the hello out of the area?
    Try again as that one paragraph is a loser!

  2. towerclimber37

    LOL! yes, microstamping laws are going to stop gun crime in NYC..LOL! the criminals certainly won’t get their guns microstamped and the rest of NYC won’t turn in their old ones…so blooming idiot is going to be screaming, turning blue and tearing his hair out because he can’t institute martial law and search for firearms.
    He wants everyone else to be disarmed but if you notice, His security detail carries automatic weapons.

  3. Rev. Idaho Spud

    Arms manufacturers are certainly welcome in Idaho. Any company or business that wants to operate in a sane business environment as well.

  4. Michel Trahan

    Too bad the government doesn’t put half as much effort, trying to track down known criminals and repeat offenders…

    Ho, wait, can’t do that… they’d probably be sued for racial profiling…

  5. Justsomebody

    Apparently they’ll be welcomed with open arms
    (pun intended) in Idaho.

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