Mitch Daniels to Drop Out of Politics

By | June 21, 2012

After completing his current term as Indiana’s governor in January, Gov. Daniels will drop out of politics completely and take the position of University of Purdue President.

The Purdue Board of Trustees voted unanimously on Daniels acceptance  on Thursday after multiple interviews with the search committee.

Daniels will replace outgoing President France Cordova who will step down in July after having served for five years.

The Governor opened his speech with an allusion to his political aspirations and the question on the mind of many Daniels political backers:

“I think it’s best to go directly to the central question that I know is on the minds of most people here. The room is pregnant with it.The answer is no, I did not buy this necktie just last night. (Former Purdue President) Martin Jischke gave me this necktie about seven years ago and I have worn it many times since…never as proudly or emotionally as today. This is not a morning of oration, at least not from me and probably not for a while.”

The jokes aside, Mitch Daniels assured those present that he starting in January, politics would be a distant memory. The governor will be keeping distance from any political activities or commentary during the 2012 election season.

Being a favorite of some Conservatives and especially in Libertarian circles, Mitch was long thought to seek the nomination for President in 2012. Well past the deadline, some still held out hope for a V.P. nod or cabinet position. His new employment and his statement of dedication to it would indicate that none of that will happen.

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