Is Arizona Being Punished?

By | June 26, 2012

Is Arizona being chastised by this administration? Just minutes after the Supreme Court ruling that upheld the right of law enforcement to check citizenship on detained individuals the White House issued a bold statement. The Department of Homeland Security would suspend existing agreements with Arizona police and would stop responding to most of Arizona law enforcement calls related to illegal immigrants. In addition, a complaint telephone number has been posted for anyone who may feel police stopped him due to racial profiling.

Instead of offering further assistance to secure the border of Arizona DHS has stated that no additional officers will be provided.

In the short clip below former border patrol official Robert Gilbert reminds us that Americans are expecting ALL law enforcement to work together.

Listen to long time border Sheriff Larry Dever explain the insult to the professionalism of Arizona law enforcement.

Today as many hear the news they are asking if Arizona is being punished for attempting to do the job that the Federal Government won’t.


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