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Individual Mandate: It’s a Tax

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    • Thanks for reminding us of the President’s own words. I expect they will come back to haunt him now.
      You are right. There is one thing to do now and that is rally together and vote for a new president. Like many Romney wasn’t my first choice (nor my second) but he is my choice today. I do believe he will help the country find a path to health care for those without while not hurting the rest of us, particularly the very important health care providers.

  1. -for the Chief justice to carry the water for the administration and define it as a tax after the president specifically denied it was a tax is astounding.
    – It remains to be seen what rate the government will pay providers (doctors). If like medicare it is below the cost of expenses, providers will balk and there will be delayed care. Soon quality will approach that of other socialized countries, and Obama will have been responsible for the worst devolution of the greatest health care delivery in the world. Shameful and tragic are understatements.
    – Please vote him out in Nov, or it will be your own care that suffers.