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5 thoughts on “If Children Are Our Future, We Are In A Lot Of Trouble

  1. Jon

    And most of this decline of common sense, quality of education and all-around atmosphere can be linked, in many ways, to that “Age of Aquarius” bullsh** being peddled around in the 60s and 70s where everyone is special. As someone who was in school in the 90s (graduated in 2000) plenty of this was true even then. Now, in many ways, it’s even worse than this article outlines.

    1. Chris Vaca

      I am 60 years old, I went to school in the 50’s and 60’s. I noticed things starting to change in the 80’s. It seemed when I went to school things were handled with common sense. Now a-days laws and political correctness have taken the place of common sense. it’s a shame, I feel sorry for the kids today.

  2. denis

    unfortunately this is all true and merely hints at how bad the school system is now. How about suspending a teacher because he gives a mark of zero to assingments not turned in? Edmonton Alberta anyone?

  3. Jerry Peters

    Chris, This cuts both ways, it’s very funny but also sad because it is based on reality. Society is not doing a good job educating our children. Passing them just for the sake of it is sad. Good article, none the less. I find myself becoming a big fan of yours. Not only your articles but your book as well. Keep it up.

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