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7 thoughts on “Holder Trap

  1. MLC

    This has nothing to do with Bush or the 2nd Amendment. It has to do with lying! This administration is really good at lying and blaming others. I am glad to see the “Don’t Tread on me Snake” bit him on the @ss! Too bad Obie-none wasn’t standing next to him!

  2. Mr.Z

    This “voice” guy is a real idiot. It could be Jay Carney’s on-screen handle.
    He gets his talking points straight from the WH. Critical thinking is never in play. The facts just get in the way with this “voice” idiot.

    He’s pathetic. Pull the twinkie out of your mouth, put on some clothes, climb out of our mother’s basement, and go pan-handle on some street.

  3. voice

    this is funny, fast and furious had nothing to do with the 2nd amendment, do not have the NRA hunting Holder down.
    However; this is another bush policy that has bit this administration in the butt. The GOP’s actions may
    lead them to suck out the poison.

    1. A.F.Branco

      Had nothing to do with Bush.. Holder himself admitted that receding his previous statement.

      Some have wondered why I don’t ban you from this site. My response to them? liberals like you do more for our cause when we let you “Voice” and hang yourself with your own words.

    2. Alice

      Sorry to burst your bubble, voice, but…”POP”!

      Point #1: Bush-era implementation of this kind of policy was different, in that the guns had trackers, were followed to the criminal’s nest so they could be arrested. Obama-error implementation did NOT track guns, simply waiting for the guns to show up at a crime scene (After crime) so that they could be pinpointed as “American guns”, thus trying to “prove” that our access to firearms should be even further restricted. And that’s point #2, how it ties in to the Obama/Holder war against American’s right to arm themselves.

      If it was indeed a crappy GOP policy, why did Holder go along with it? The cry of “well, I didn’t know and it was somebody else” rings too false, and is likely the reason Holder’s withholding the communication documents about his involvement. It makes Obama look suspect (whether he did know and okay it or cover it up) when he jumps in and invokes the Executive Privilege. What did he know, when did he know it?

      Point #3: The NRA isn’t “hunting Holder down”, and to suggest so is ludicrous. More likely, the converse.

      So, sorry, but POP! Nice try, though.

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