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Has Your Party Changed? Check Out The GOP.

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  1. that would be great if it was true. Hard to sell while watching Boehner & company play right along with Obama’s debt increases, CISPA-courtesy of the GOP-guess it is okay as long as GOP destroying the Constitution huh?

    • Thanks for your thoughts. No disagreement here watching the Republican house pass overrides that put us further into debt. It’s frustrating, but at the same time I see the GOP controlling only 1/3 the players involved. Did Boehner cave? Maybe. But was it the best compromise he could get?

      As far as the cyber security law my personal leaning is more toward Libertarian when it comes to privacy.

      In no way am I saying Republican Party is perfect. I am offering that to many unhappy Democrats the positives offered by this party may outweigh the smaller issues.