GM Bailouts–All Good…Right?

By | June 13, 2012

Remember auto bailouts? Democrats today like to use them as an example of a government loan success story. We hear the auto makers are paying back their debt and that hard working middle class workers had their jobs saved only because of the loan.

But, as we’re learning to expect, with this administration, there’s more to than has been reported. One significant but  little reported side story is that not all the workers were treated the same during the bailout process. It turns out many, especially, contract companies were, in effect, fired and lost all benefits while other union employees kept everything.

This week on Fox Business Stuart Varney sheds some lights on one company’s employees who were particularly hard hit. Were the union workers being rewarded for their support of candidate Obama? There are many questions still unanswered.


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One thought on “GM Bailouts–All Good…Right?

  1. Tome

    It was all a union vote trade! Obama wanted the Union Vote. He bought Government Motors and Chrysler. He expects their votes! How many Thousands of other buisiness went under? We lost more jobs than Chrysler and Government Motors combined!

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