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One thought on “Free Market Advocacy Group spending big money this season

  1. JaaaaayCeeeee

    AFP’s pretense of defict hawkery is pure spin that will benefit big donors at the expense of jobs and our economy: Take your pick: GOP plans either explode deficit or hike taxes on middle class.

    Karl Rove’s AFP push polls, promotes privatization of Medicare, SS, edu, etc. (means taxpayer pay more for less, like prison outsourcing, so that Wall Street will profit). Promotes killing 3 million more jobs with transportation bill obstruction by GOP House, then uses correlation to blame the effects of GOP policies on Obama instead.

    Promotes regulation repeals for freedom to have have more financial crises, more bailouts, more corporate welfare, more profits for big donors, more regulatory capture. Just look at history. AFP has supported GOP preventing state layoffs (first time in modern history), so they can tank economy, then edit out of context Obama’s pointing the finger at GOP for state layoffs.

    Karl Rove’s Americans for prosperity just keeps it coming! Vote GOP to screw taxpayers, for Rove’s big donors’ profit!

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