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Wisdom from the Hole

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  1. voice…you are an ignorant ignoramus. Must be a union member and a demo-rat.

  2. people did you forget about to big to fail. the economy was in the tank we were losing jobs faster than chicken running from a hatchet. if you think things were bad then think again they bought up more smaller banks and they are even bigger, which makes them much bigger to fail. the regulations need to be in place so that the tax payers do not have to bail them out again. yes, the government has invested in some zany ideas, a billion dollars missing in afghanistan, no clue where the money is no one is in jail about this money and no one will ever be prosecuted concerning this money.So if the demise of these banks will trickle down to us; it is our business and they cannot fail, because wall street will tank, jobless rates will be in the double digits and our well-being will be trashed. you screw up our economy it makes it our business buddy.

    • The economy is still in the tank in many areas..real unemployment is in double digits…there are bankruptcy laws to take care of their problems, and we should never be billed to keep a business from using them…

  3. I knew there was a good comment or cartoon about the kings of waste taking on a private company about losing money. You nailed it grand!

  4. Alan (65 Jayhawk)

    Very good! And now congress is going to have a hearing about them losing their OWN money? Ludicrous!

    • Yeah, that’s right Alan waste even more tax payers money on a hearing about something that isn’t any of their business. Maybe they should have another hearing about why they’re wasting money on a hearing like this….lol