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One thought on “While Obama Pushes Same-Sex Marriage, Pro-Family Movement Educates and Affirms the Natural Family as the Future of Society

  1. Jean

    This is among the most disturbing, disgusting, and mind blowing article I read on this site. Sir, what is a “natural marriage”? There is no such thing, so by asserting the existance of it you are painting a clear picture that you lack reason and understanding of the world. Sorry to break it to you, but homosexuality occurs in hundreds of different species on Earth, that is natural, what is unnatural is human flaws such as homophobia which no other species on Earth has. Psychologists and sociologist have proven that there is NO difference in a child’s development when they are raised by parents of the same or opposite sex; actually, some studies show that kids raised by lesbians are more emotionally intelligent than other children not raised by lesbian mothers. Your backwards stance, your vile language, and your clearly homophobic, hateful, and snide language unnerves me. I wouldn’t be surprised if you were closeted, have you no shame?

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