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What Will It Take To Wake You Up?


What will it take to wake you up from your trance?

That trance which you have been slowly and easily lulled into by the rhetoric of politicos who speak with a forked tongue, and by the droning whir of commentary by sock-monkey media figures.

That vegetative state where you indulge in the opiates served to you on the small and silver screens, while your cognitive functions are captured in a cocoon of carelessness.

Will it take more dead American soldiers?

The evaporation of economic prosperity?

A complete loss of liberty and freedom?

The ultimate collapse of The United States as we know it?

Unfortunately these will not shatter the opaque specimen jars in which many have chosen to store their grey matter.

I know these events will fail to awaken the masses, because these things are already happening – and have been for a long time.

The lives of American men and women are in grave peril.  The lives of our children are in great danger, as well.  With a decade of ongoing military action in Iraq and Afghanistan, the docile acceptance of new conflict is surreptitiously implanted into our minds by the Muppets in the media, and by the candidates who seek the highest office in the land.

Each of our children are being burdened with the shackles of debt and perpetual enslavement to the holders of the American economic purse-strings.  Living a life of financial prosperity appears to be trekking the same beaten pathways of the Do-Dos and Dinosaurs.  The future generations of this nation are destined to live in debt thanks to our placidity.

Aside from perpetual war and impoverished economic standing, the coming generations are being lied to.  We are lying to our children about the USA being a Free Country.  We are not free.  Not anymore.  We lose more liberty with each passing year.  Americans have willingly allowed the government to determine how much freedom and liberty we need to keep us safe.  And this is our fault.

In the name of that safety, we allow our government to  grope, molest, and see our children naked (albeit electronically) at airports.  We allow our children to believe that their brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, mothers and fathers are dying in Iraq and Afghanistan “for your freedom”, when rational thinking proves this fallacy wrong.

“Educate and inform the whole mass of the people… They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.” ~Thomas Jefferson~

Again, I ask: What Will It Take To Wake You Up?

I have tried many tactics to break the intellectual hibernation that so many have fallen into.  I have written pointed articles with the sole purpose of stirring logical thought.  I have exposed the politicians that many call “conservative”, when fact and reason say otherwise.  I ran for the United States House Of Representatives in 2010 against Mike Pence on a platform of restoring liberty and fiscal sanity in an attempt to wake people  up.  I hosted an online radio program for 2 years in hopes of educating and informing listeners to wake them up.  With each attempt,  I have been chastised for speaking the truth.  With undeniable facts in hand, I was still called a liar.

Many other people in this country have attempted the same things I have, yet the American people refuse to wake up.

Barack Obama, George W. Bush, William J. Clinton, George H.W. Bush, Ronald W. Reagan and a swarm of other Presidents have contributed to the downfall of this once great nation with debt, war, and reduction of liberty, yet the American people refuse to wake up.

Over 6,500 American soldiers have died in undeclared wars since 2001.  Over 120,000 civilians have died in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2001.  Now President Obama and Mitt Romney threaten more war, this time with Iran, yet the American people refuse to wake up.

The US National Debt has surpassed the GDP of the United States, yet the American people refuse to wake up.

Three government programs have $118,723,550,000,000 (that’s $118.723 Trillion) in unfunded liabilities (as of publishing date), yet the American people refuse to wake up.

Eighteen US Veterans commit suicide every single day…. yet the American People refuse to wake up….

Niceties have failed.
Bluntness has failed.
Education has failed.  

Again, I ask:


What Will It Take To Wake You Up?

What will it take to wake YOU up?  Email your answer to [email protected]

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