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What is Wrong with Socialism?

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  1. How do we defeat these people? We can’t. We gave them the opportunity to take over the culture, the society, the government, the whole country, and our position in the world. How do we make a come back from all of that? We don’t, that’s just it. What was is over and cannot come back to like it ought to be unless the other half of all those who ask the question, “What wrong with Socialism?” either wake up, but how bad would it have to get before that happened? No telling, and it could be so bad that we would be destroyed in the process of their awakening. Then when they woke up there wouldn’t be anyone of us left to tell them how things were supposed to be.

    But the other scenario is our half get up the guts to act on our Constitutional right to take our government back by force of arms. I’d like to hope that it wouldn’t take but a little bit of that and they would give up and not want the destruction they would have to know would come if they stood up to us to defend all they had worked so hard to get and waited so long to have. They have done alot to take this nation from us, and it may anger them more than we expect if they see that we waited until the eleventh hour to decide to take the country back, what with all the people all over the world who have built huge organizations and spent billions of dollars to prepare for this time, and those in power when threatened just give up??

    I think the Maurice Strong’s, and George Soros’s of the world and those entrenched in the U.N., Russia, China, and those in the Middle East who’ve been waiting to take Israel without our getting in the way? I don’t think the Arabs would take it very well that those in power inside our government just gave up as soon as we raised a gun to them and said “quit”, and they did?? I don’t think the Arabs would let them. I think the Arabs would probably tell Obama or whoever to either destroy us or they will unleash their terrorists and do it for them. They will probably do that anyway. That’s probably what they are waiting for is for us to get fed up and freaked out and march on Washington with guns in our hands to take our government and our country back, and that’s when we’d see the gigantic army of Muslims that have been waiting in the shadows all this time. We’d probably see a couple of nukes thrown at us to, and that would be the end of it all.

    Do you think the Muslims are really concerned about what kind of shape this nation is in when they move to take out Israel? Hell no. Their only concern is that we can’t help Israel, and they go down.

    I suspect that is what will happen and as long as we are out of it, that’s all that matters to Arabs. That’s when we’d see Gods hand come down and smite Islam and we’d see the scripture that says “…there will not be a man left standing.” Where God destroys Islam once and for all, and every man who follows it.

  2. Now, here’s the deal, if a person cannot understand what this article is saying because they were not taught reading comprehension in school, then that is exactly what the purpose of integrating the schools without protecting our high standard of educational excellence found in our schools. Instead of our politicians protecting our educational standard, and handing our culture over to the Socialists, they made it so our young people would not be able to understand something like this article that could have given them the sight to see what the liberals were doing to them and what they were doing to the entire country. Without education, learning, and independent thinking being taught to our children, the people end up so dumb they won’t know what is happening to them making the Socialists job much easier to overthrow their country. We are there now with over half of the nation to dumb to know what Obama is, what the liberal progressive Socialists have and are doing to this country, it makes it very hard to fight the left. With half the country to dumb to know what is going on it’s like trying to fight for the heavy weight title with one hand tied behind our backs. We may not make it. We need the help of the other half of this nation, but they don’t think anything wrong is going on. Thus their question, “What’s wrong with Socialism?”

  3. This is a terrific post—clean, cogent explanation. To be honest, whenever someone responds to me with, “What is so wrong with socialism”, despite knowing the answer, I’m so shocked I’m stricken dumb.

    Also, I’ve seen that some misunderstand what socialism is. One misguided woman in particular explained that it is a system where people help each other. Oi. Bless her heart.

  4. Socialism’s failures, the short version, is all about how a garden constantly shadowed by an overbearing gardener never reaches is full potential.