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3 thoughts on “War! — The New Media & Old Media Battle for America

  1. BackwardsBoy

    If the recent trends on Twitter are any indication (and since I can’t log into my own Twitter account for some reason, all I can do is cheer from the sidelines), the tide is turning against the Left.

    There appears to be an awakening of the country to the frightening Progressive agenda in Washington, and we are fighting back with the weapons we have: truth, good humor and a great deal of snark. This will translate into votes very soon.

    Until the New Media came along, led in large part by Happy Warrior Andrew Breitbart, few knew about Alinsky’s Rules for Radical. Nowadays, far more people are aware of the tactics the Left has been using for generation, and are taking the fight to them using their own tactics.

    God Bless Andrew B.

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